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While the site is still going to move from its current host, a new site will now take its place. More Info.

The new site may have less content, but the core will now remain. And it will now play nicely with phones! Keep an eye on the DelphiDabbler Blog for news.

Delphi Components


All the Delphi components available from this site are listed below. Click the component name to display a page that provides full details of the component. All the components are open source.

Each component's page has a Download tab from where its source code can be downloaded.

Drop Files Components
Components that get and filter names of files and folders dragged and dropped from Explorer.
Now compatible with Delphi 64 bit Windows targets.
Window State Components
Three components that save and restore window size, state and position using either, ini files, the registry or user-defined storage.
Compatible with Delphi 32 and 64 bit Windows compilers.
Version Information Component
Component that accesses version information embedded in program files, DLLs etc.
Now compatible with Delphi 64 bit targets.
Shell Folders Unit
A unit that provides various components, classes and routines for handling Windows shell folders – including the Browse for Folders dialog box.
Compatible with Delphi 32 and 64 bit Windows targets.
Clipboard Viewer Component
Component that triggers event when Windows clipboard contents change.
Now more stable when running on modern versions of Windows.
Hot Label Component
Label component that accesses a URL when clicked.
Now supports 32- and 64-bit Delphi Windows compilers.
About Box Component
About box component that can display version information.
Now compatible with Delphi 64 bit targets.
Message Dialogue Components
Components that can display message dialogues that wrap either the Windows API or the Delphi VCL message box code.
Supports 32- and 64-bit Delphi Windows compilers
Environment Variables Unit
Source code of a unit containing a component and routines to help manage and access environment variables.
Major new release now supports Windows 32- and 64-bit compilers, VCL and FireMonkey.