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Delphi Source Code Units


This page contains links to the Delphi source code units available from the site. Components are not included in this list – they are available on the Components page. Click the unit name to display a page that provides full details of the unit. All the units are open source.

Each unit's page has a Download tab from where its source code can be downloaded.

MD5 Message Digest Unit
Object oriented implementation of the MD5 Message Digest Algorithm
Compatible with the Delphi 32 and 64 bit Windows compilers and both the VCL and FireMonkey 2
System Information Unit
Source code of a unit containing static classes, constant, type definitions and routines to provide information about the host computer and operating system.
Now supports all Windows 10 updates and Windows 2016 and 2019 server previews, releases and updates as of March 2020
Fractions Unit
Advanced Delphi record that encapsulates a fraction along with numerous operations.
Beta release.
Console Application Runner Classes
Source code of classes that simplify executing, and redirecting the I/O of, child console processes.
I/O Utility Classes
Various Delphi Pascal classes designed to assist in various I/O related tasks.
Pipe and file classes formerly in the Console Application Runner classes project.
Resource File Unit
Delphi unit that defines classes that encapsulate the Windows 32 bit resource file format and helper functions to assist in compiling and decompiling binary resource files.
Now supports Delphi 32 bit and 64 bit Windows compilers and compatible with the VCL and FireMonkey.
Stream Extension Classes
Source code of classes that provide a means to wrap TStream classes. Provides a stream wrapper, classes to help with writing resource files and IStream wrappers for various TStream classes.
Compatible with Delphi 32 and 64 bit compilers and both the VCL and FireMonkey 2
Environment Variables Unit
Source code of a unit containing a component and routines to help manage and access environment variables.
Major new release now supports Windows 32- and 64-bit compilers, VCL and FireMonkey.