News for November 2010

Released CodeSnip v3.8.5
v3.8.5 is a bug fix release of CodeSnip. It fixes bugs #3120958 ("Exception if snippet name doesn't start with '_' or A..Z") and #3120962 ("Some snippets lost in overview when sorted alphabetically"). See the CodeSnip bug tracker at for more information.
28 November 2010
Released CodeSnip v3.8.4
This new version of CodeSnip adds the option to close the application when an unexpected exception (i.e. a bug) is trapped. This was added because sometimes it is unsafe to continue after such a bug. There were some other small tweaks - see the program's change log for details.
26 November 2010
Released CodeSnip v3.8.3
v3.8.3 adds a button to the "Compile" tab of the Snippets Editor that enables the unit used to test compile a snippet to be viewed. This should help when trying to debug snippets. Also the code used to manage background threads was improved and simplified. Bugs in the trapping and reporting of exceptions raised in threads were tracked down and killed.
24 November 2010
Released CodeSnip v3.8.2
This release improves how errors are reported in the Snippets Editor and displays the caret position in the Extra Information edit control. URIs are now always encoded according to RFC3968. Other than this there was a siginificant amount of source code refactoring and tweaking.
16 November 2010
Corrected ResourceExists and ResourceExistsEx routines
Changed the type of the ResType and ResName parameters of the ResourceExists and ResourceExistsEx routines from PAnsiChar to PChar to enable compilation with Unicode versions of Delphi. Thanks to Cirec for pointing this problem out.
11 November 2010
CodeSnip v3.8.1 released
This release of CodeSnip fixes a reported bug in the way the main window displays syntax highlighted source code: user changes in the appearance of symbols and identifiers were being ignored. Also changed the Test Unit view dialog box to use the user defined syntax highlighter settings. Finally, the credits in the About Box program tab were updated.
08 November 2010
Release v0.3 beta of the MD5 Message Digest Unit
This new release of the MD5 unit adds new overloaded versions of the Calculate and Process methods of TPJMD5 that can process a specified number of bytes from a given starting index in a byte array. The release also fixes a bug in the DUnit test project the prevented it from compiling as a console application. New unit tests for the new methods were added.
05 November 2010
Released v3.3 of the Version Information Component
This release of the Version Information Component make the TPJVersionNumber record that holds numeric version information data easier to work with. For compilers that support advanced records operator overloads have been added to TPJVersionNumber that enable records to be compared using the =, <>, <, <=, > and >= operators. Additionally TPJVersionNumber records can be implicitly cast as strings, when the record's data is formatted as a dotted quad, e.g. ''. To provide similar support for earlier compilers, two new helper functions have been added: CompareVerNums compares two version number records while VerNumToStr formats a version number as a dotted quad.
03 November 2010
Updated ComputerName and UserName code snippets
The constants used to define the size of the buffers to receive user names and computer names have been changed according to Microsoft documentation. In the case of UserName this fixes CodeSnip issue ID 3094314 ( Thanks to Thierry Bothorel for pointing this out.
02 November 2010