News for December 2010

7 new Delphi Tips added
I've had this current batch of tips lurking around for quite some time and have finally found time to upload them. The tips start with number 171 and run through to number 177. They are: "How to get and set the local computer name", "Sort TStrings objects with extra functionality ala UNIX style parameters", "Change the button captions in a message dialog box", "How to minimize the controls in a form", "Display the Windows Disconnect Network Drive dialog box", "How to download a file using FTP" and "How to save and load a TStringGrid to and from a file". I want to thank Michael Rockett, Frederik Smith, Shlomo Abuisak, "geotech", "Topellina", and Loris Luise for contributing these tips and for their patience while I found time to upload them.
17 December 2010
9 new Code Snippets database routines and 1 type
Added nine assorted new snippets and a useful type definition to the Code Snippets Database. The snippets are a very mixed bag and fall into several categories. Contributors were Montor, Rubem Nascimento da Rocha and DelphiDabbler. The type definition can crack open a Delphi TColor type while the routines range from one to get the system idle time, one to check for parent classes, four for working with rectangles, one to format an RFC 2822 date and two that perform high quality stretch copy operations on bitmaps.
16 December 2010
New Code Snippets database routine
Added new CheckInternetConnection routine to the Code Snipets database that checks for a valid internet connection. This may be used instead of the existing IsInternetConnected that has been found to fail to work on some operating systems. Thanks to Irwin Scollar for this routine.
16 December 2010
Released CodeSnip v3.8.7
This release fixes a minor bug where compiler information was inappropriately included in descriptions of freeform snippets that are printed or copied to clipboard with the Edit | Copy Information menu option. It also adds Delphi XE's compiler version to the drop down menu in the Code Generation tab of the Preferences dialog box.
16 December 2010
Development of CodeSnip v4 started
I've started development of CodeSnip v4 and am calling for feature requests. Details are in the linked blog posting.
06 December 2010
Released CodeSnip v3.8.6
The v3.8.6 release of CodeSnip is a bug fix release. Primarily it fixes a long standing bug that causes a crash when the database is updated or restored after editing a user defined snippet. It's taken a long time to track that one down! In addition the XML file validation code was fixed so that it no longer rejects perfectly valid XML processing instructions that contain the 'encoding' attribute. Finally the program will no longer try to restore backups from backup file formats it doesn't understand.
06 December 2010