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News item 2010/12/17/107

7 new Delphi Tips added
I've had this current batch of tips lurking around for quite some time and have finally found time to upload them. The tips start with number 171 and run through to number 177. They are: "How to get and set the local computer name", "Sort TStrings objects with extra functionality ala UNIX style parameters", "Change the button captions in a message dialog box", "How to minimize the controls in a form", "Display the Windows Disconnect Network Drive dialog box", "How to download a file using FTP" and "How to save and load a TStringGrid to and from a file". I want to thank Michael Rockett, Frederik Smith, Shlomo Abuisak, "geotech", "Topellina", and Loris Luise for contributing these tips and for their patience while I found time to upload them.
17 December 2010