News for May 2010

Article#18 updated
Article "How to customise the TWebBrowser user interface" has been updated with a revised demo program that compiles and runs correctly when compiled with Delp 7 to 2010. There were also some editorial changes mainly re newer compilers and operating systems.
30 May 2010
MakeSafeHTMLText routine from Code Snippets database updated for Unicode text
The MakeSafeHTMLText routine has been modified so that characters with an ordinal value greater than 255 are now replaced with numeric character entities. In the previous version the characters were passed through unchanged, which is not acceptable when there is the possibility that the routine's output will be stored in a web page for which the character encoding is not known.
28 May 2010
Test code for some snippets from the Code Snippets Database updated
As subscribers of the CodeSnip newsletter will know, there is a project within my Delphi Doodlings code repository that provides tests and example uses of some of the snippets from the Code Snippets database. This repository has been updated with a new project that exercises all the routines from the Windows System category of the database. In addition the project that illustrates the Drive Management routines has also been brought up to date.
28 May 2010
CodeSnip v3.6.0 has been released
This new release of CodeSnip adds the ability to inhibit compiler warnings by emitting suitable compiler directives. The warnings to be inhibited are fully customisable from the preferences dialog box. Also added a tab to the about box that gives the paths where key CodeSnip data files are stored. See the change-log for full details.
26 May 2010
Fixed error in Code Snippets database
The SHIL_Enum constant was marked as a routine not a constant. This was causing a problem with generated units containing the constant.
25 May 2010
The 3rd and final version of Component Help Installer has been released
Version 3 of the Component Help Installer has been released. This release fixes the problems previous releases had with Windows Vista. The Delphi add-in expert version of the program has been removed as a consequence and CHI is now a stand-alone program only. This is also the final release of CHI. Development is now frozen.
10 May 2010