News for July 2010

CodeSnip v3.6.3 released
CodeSnip v3.6.3 has been released. The code that communicates with web services has been completely re-written to avoid some of the character encoding errors experienced in earlier versions. The "About The Program" tab of the About Box has also been updated and corrected.
22 July 2010
Released v0.2 beta of the MD5 Message Digest Unit
This update to the MD5 Message Digest Unit changes the parameter type of the AnsiString overloads of the TPJMD5.Calculate and TPJMD5.Process methods from AnsiString to RawByteString. This change enables ANSI strings of any code page to be processed without conversion to the default code page.
21 July 2010
Released v1.0.2 of the Console Application Runner Classes
This new version of the Console Application Runner Classes finally fixes a problem that was causing the code to fail when compiled against a Unicode Windows API, i.e. with Delphi 2009 or Delphi 2010. This was down to a "feature" of the Windows CreateProcessW API function. Thanks to the two users who pointed this out - you know who you are!
20 July 2010