News for 2010

Published new tip #156 by Jeff DeVore
This new tip is entitled "Solution for problem with auto update feature in Rad Studio 2010 and Win Vista/7 UAC". It presents four possible solutions to the problem.
09 March 2010
New CodeSnip news feed now available
A new RSS news feed has been set up that provides news of updates to the Code Snippets Database and the CodeSnip snippets repository. You can subscribe using the link above or by clicking on the feed icon that appears on the Code Snippets Database and CodeSnip program pages.
08 March 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.3 released. This is a recommended update
CodeSnip v3.5.3 fixes a database update bug that was causing updates on some systems to fail with a false data transfer corruption error. Thanks to those users who helped track this error down.
08 March 2010
Seven new snippets added to the Code Snippets Database
Seven new font-related routines have been added to the Graphics category of the Code Snippets database.
07 March 2010
Fixed a few glitches in the online Code Snippets Database
There were some problems with the unit generation facility in the online Code Snippets Database because of errors in the data. These were fixed.
07 March 2010
Nine assorted new snippets added to the Code Snippets Database.
A real hotch-potch of eight new routines and a supporting group of constants have been added to the Code Snippets Database.
06 March 2010
Removed the 16 bit Version Information Component
The 16 bit implementation of the Version Information Component has at long last been removed from the site. This was the last of the code that supported 16 bit Windows and Delphi 1. About time!!
02 March 2010
Site search greatly improved - and now includes the blog
A search box now appears on every page below the navigation bar. Search results now come from both the main site and the Blog. The old Search page is still available. Search provided by Google.
01 March 2010
Experimental Twitter page added to main site
Added a new experimental page to the News section that displays list of most recent tweets with link to @delphidabbler Twitter page and RSS feed.
27 February 2010
Site news is now available as an RSS feed
The last six weeks of site updates is available via an RSS feed. Subscribe if you want to keep up to date with changes.
26 February 2010
Environment Variables Unit demo code available
Some demo projects that implement the example code suggested in documentation that accompanies the Environment Variables Unit has been placed the the Delphi Doodlings code repository.
26 February 2010
New News Page
Added a new news page to the site. The newsletter page and former update log are now subsidiary pages of this page.
25 February 2010