News for 2010

CodeSnip v3.5.2 released
Fixes bug #2947794 and updates database download handling.
22 February 2010
Two new routines were added to the Code Snippets Database
The new DeleteVolumeName and SetVolumeName drive management routines were added to the database.
22 February 2010
Four new Delphi Tips
Four new tips have been added to the Delphi Tips section of the site, starting with Tip#152. All are from the former Delphi Pool.
22 February 2010
New Hex Utilities routines added to Code Snippets Database
A whole new Hex Utilities category has been added to the database, along with several routines to convert between hex and various binary data structures.
21 February 2010
Environment Variables Unit 1.3.1 released
This new release fixes some bugs in earlier versions.
20 February 2010
Article#6 updated
The article "How to access environment variables" has been revised to work correctly with the Unicode Windows API.
19 February 2010
New DelphiDabbler Blog
Finally a DelphiDabbler blog on Blogger. There's a summary page on the main site.
18 February 2010
PasHi Pascal Highlighter v1.1 released
New, renamed version of the Pascal Syntax Highlighter. Incorporates PasHiGUI, a GUI front end for the command line program.
16 February 2010
New MD5 Message Digest unit
A new object oriented MD5 implementation. Early development code - no release yet, available only from the repository.
16 February 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.1 released
This is the first Unicode build to be released. It also fixes some UI issues including, hopefully, a resizing problem in the main UI on Windows 7 (see Bug #2947924).
09 February 2010
Article#14 updated
Article "How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way" has been updated to load and save HTML documents that have non-ANSI encodings.
06 February 2010
DelphiDabbler joins Twitter
New twitter account. Follow @delphidabbler to get news of site updates etc. as they happen.
04 February 2010