News for November 2011

Reset hit counters on links page.
The hit counters on the links page were reset to zero.
26 November 2011
CodeSnip v3.9.3 Released
This update to CodeSnip fixes some minor bugs in the main window. It also fixes a broken web link in the About box. None of these bugs were reported on the bug tracker.
23 November 2011
IsNumeric routine from Code Snippets Database has been re-written.
The IsNumeric routine from the Code Snippets Database has been re-written. Previously it had only recognised floating point numbers that use the full stop (dot) character as the decimal separator. In locales that don't use that separator, strings containing valid floating point numbers were being rejected as invalid. The re-written routine handle decimal separators from different locales correctly.
03 November 2011
Two more graphics routines added to Code Snippets Database
Two more overloaded routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are named InvertBitmap and they do just that: they invert the colours in a bitmap.
01 November 2011
CodeSnip's SourceForge page has been given a makeover.
The CodeSnip project pages on SourceForge have been refreshed. There's more info about the project, the unused forum has been deleted and the support section now refers to the CodeSnip FAQ on this site's Wiki.
01 November 2011