News for April 2011

New "Abandoned" page added to the Delphi Library section of the site
A new sub-section of the Delphi Library menu has been added that displays abandoned (or mothballed) code library projects. The Menu Speed Button, Colour Pop-up Menu Component and Macro Toolbar Display Wizard for Delphi 7 have been moved from the main Delphi Library pages to the Abandoned page.
23 April 2011
New "Abandoned" section added to the site's Programs page
A new sub-section of the Program menu has been added that displays abandoned (or mothballed) programs. The Component Help Installer and SIBuilder programs have been moved from the main Programs page to the new page.
23 April 2011
Code Snippets database problem with CodeSnip v1 now fixed
The Code Snippets database format problem that meant that v1 releases of CodeSnip could not update the local database has at long last been fixed. Many apologies for the inconvenience. Downloads and updating now work again. However, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage v1 users to update to the latest v3 release.
22 April 2011
Development of SIBuilder has now ceased
SIBuilder, the Simple Install program creator app, has been mothballed. It's outlived its usefulness to me and to bring it up to speed would take months of development. And since Inno Setup does all I now need I can't see much point in further developing SIBuilder. In the unlikely event that someone wants to take over development, please get in touch.
22 April 2011
Several more Delphi Code Library FAQs now available
Since I released news of the Drop Files Components FAQ several more FAQs have been created. They are for the About Box component, the Console Application Runner classes, the Message Dialog Box components, and, just today, the Window State components.
21 April 2011
New CodeSnip FAQs
There a new FAQ for the CodeSnip application available on the DelphiDabbler wiki. In fact there are two separate FAQs, one for application users and the other concerning compiling CodeSnip or using the source code.
19 April 2011
"Tweet" button added to selected pages
The site's main pages now display a "Tweet" button under the navigation and site search box on the left hand side of the page. Clicking the buttons lets Twitter account holders "tweet" about the page.
18 April 2011
Navigation section removed from site menu
The Navigation section has been removed from the site. It was pretty much redundant because it only provided links to the search and sitemap pages. Sitemap is linked to from the top right of every page while there's been a search box on every page for a while now. The old navigation URL still works - it just redirects to the sitemap.
12 April 2011
DelphiDabbler has moved to a new web host
Today the site moved to a new web host, Pixel Internet. Nameservers have been updated and the new site should gradually go live over the next two days. Nothing about the site has changed, but expect a few teething problems.
11 April 2011
Released Win 64 bug fix v3.3.1 of the System Information Unit
This bug fix release fixes some registry access problems on 64 bit Windows systems that was causing some system information code to return empty strings instead of the expected values. Thanks to Steffen Schaff for reporting the problem and suggesting the fix. NOTE: the bug is still likely to be present when compiling the code with old versions of Delphi that don't support setting access flags via TRegistry.
07 April 2011