News for 12 October 2012

What's new in CodeSnip 4
If you'd like to see what's new in CodeSnip 4 check out this blog post that gives an overview of the new features along with some screen-shots of the revised interface.
12 October 2012
CodeSnip 4.0 released
At long last CodeSnip 4 has been released. Too many new features to list here. See the change log on the CodeSnip page linked be this items for full details or install the program and look at the "What's New In CodeSnip 4" topic in the help for a summary of the best bits. If you've been using any of the CodeSnip 4 previews, betas or release candidates you should update ASAP. If you've been clinging onto v3, you're advised to update now. The new version won't trample on your existing databases and will co-exist quite happily with v3, so if you don't like it you can easily revert.
12 October 2012