News for 13 October 2012

Four new string management snippets added to Code Snippets Database
Four new functions have been added to the String Management (A..M) category of the Code Snippets Database, all of which delete sub-strings of string: DelStr deletes first occurrence of a sub-string from a string while DelAllStr deletes all occurrences. DelText and DelAllText are similar except that they ignore case when matching sub-strings.
13 October 2012
The "String Management" category of the Code Snippets Database has been divided
The string management category of the Code Snippets Database is nearing the capacity of the file format used to store it. So much so that no more new snippets can be added to the category without crashing the CodeSnip program. To make room for new snippets the category has been split into two: "String Management (A..M)" and "String Management (N..Z)". Not ideal but there's no obvious way to fix the problem that won't break CodeSnip. I never expected the database to get this big when it was first designed back in 2005!
13 October 2012