News for 18 October 2012

Minor re-organisation of the Code Snippets database
The "Text Encoding" category of the Code Snippets database has been renamed to "Encoding" and the IsUnicodeStream and IsUnicodeFile routines have been moved to "Encoding" from "File and Stream I/O".
18 October 2012
Early beta of new online Code Snippets Database viewer released
v0.1 beta of a new HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3 driven web app called "Code Snippets Database - Take 2" has been released. This app is planned to supersede the now rather dated Code Snippets Database ( Don't hold your breath - there's a lot of work to do! It's really a proof of concept and not all the functionality works yet - read the welcome page that is shown on start-up. Please do try it out - I'd like some feedback and suggestions please! The app uses an early alpha version of a new REST API to the Code Snippets database, of which more later. The source code of the client app is released under the MIT license.
18 October 2012