News for November 2012

Three new file & stream i/o routines added to Code Snippets Database
Three new routines for testing for "watermarks" in files and streams have been added to the Code Snippets database. They are StreamHasWatermark, which checks for a given array of bytes in a stream and two overloaded versions of FileHasWatermark that performs a similar check in files except that watermarks can be specified either as a byte array or as an ANSI string. FileHasWatermark can only be viewed in either CodeSnip 3 or later or the new online database beta. No such restrictions apply to StreamHasWatermark.
22 November 2012
Five new routines added to Code Snippets Database
Five new routines have been added to the System category of the Code Snippets Database. They are GetBiosVendor, GetProcessorIdentifier, GetProcessorName, GetSystemManufacturer and GetSystemProductName. The names are pretty self explanatory. Thanks to Bill Miller for contributing these.
21 November 2012