News for 29 December 2012

CodeSnip's source code now moving to GoogleCode
I'm tried out SourceForge's new Subversion repo and I really dislike it. So I'm going to move CodeSnip's source to GoogleCode. I'll still be using Subversion. Sorry for the continued delay getting the Subversion repo up and running again.
29 December 2012
Six assorted routines added to Code Snippets Database
A jumble of six routines has been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: ArrayToStringList (copies a string array to a TStringList object), JoinStrArray (concatenates the string from a string array into a single string), StrToken (finds the first token in a string before a given delimiter), StrTokenCount (counts the number of tokens in a string, separated by a given character), StripWhiteSpace (removes all white space from a string) and FreeStringsObjects (frees all objects associated with a string list). In addition the StringListToArray routine was moved from the Utilities category to the Arrays category.
29 December 2012