News for June 2012

CodeSnip v3.10.2 released.
Release 3.10.2 fixes a minor text search bug (see It also changes the information sent to the web server when the database is updated. In addition to the program key and version number previously sent, the operating system description and major version number of Internet Explorer is also sent. This is to enable stats to be gathered about the usage of the program to help target new features and know which OSs and browser controls need to be targetted. NOTE: No personally identifiable information is gathered - see the privacy statement in CodeSnip's help file for full details of the data that is gathered.
19 June 2012
First new Delphi tip for over a year!
New Delphi tip #180 has been added entitled "How to swap two integers without using a temporary variable". Contributed by Muhammad Saied.
18 June 2012
3rd and final preview of CodeSnip v4 now released on SourceForge
This is the 3rd and final preview (alpha) release of CodeSnip v4. It contains some new features including category printing, ability to generate Delphi code to turn warnings on or off and some enhancements to search. Everything else involves changes to the user interface. See the change log at for a full list of features. The next release will be the first beta, hopefully feature complete.
18 June 2012
The guestbook has gone.
The site guestbook, which had been receiving less and less genuine traffic and more and more spam has been removed from the site.
17 June 2012
Three Mathematics routines added to Code Snippets Database
Three new routines for tested for repeated digits in a number have been added to the Code Snippets Database in the Mathematics category. Two of them, RepeatedDigits and AllDigitsSame use two different methods to test if a number is composed of only a single repeated digit, e.g. 77777. The third, AllDigitsDifferent checks if all the digits of a number are different to each other, e.g. 15862.
16 June 2012
Three new geometry routines added to the Code Snippets database.
Three new geometry routines have been added to the Mathematics category of the Code Snippets database. The first finds the area of a TRect rectangle while the second and third are overloaded routines to find the distance between two points, one for TPoint points and the other for floating point TPointF points.
14 June 2012
New floating point versions of TPoint and TRect and helper routines added to Code Snippets Database
The Code Snippets Database has been updated with two new record types: TPointF and TRectF which are floating point versions of the Delphi VCL's TPoint and TRect respectively. I've also provided "constructor" routines for each of these structures, named PointF and RectF. There's also a floating point version of the Bounds function, named BoundsF.
12 June 2012