News for July 2012

The newsletter archive has been removed
The old newsletter archive is now redundant, with newsletters having been superseded by the new feed since the beginning of 2010, so I have removed it from the site. The old link now redirects to the news page.
26 July 2012
CodeSnip v3.10.3 released
Release 3.10.3 of CodeSnip improves auto-detection of Delphi compilers and fixes a minor display bug in the Configure Compilers dialogue box. The compiler detection issue is discussed in my blog - see "Help with Delphi XE2 program paths please" and the comments at
25 July 2012
Four new routines added to Internet section of the Code Snippets Database
Four new snippets for manipulating URIs have been added to the Code Snippets database. They are ExtractURIFragment which returns any fragment component of a URI, RemoveURIFragment which removes any fragment from a URI, ExtractURIQueryString which returns any query string included in a URI and RemoveURIQueryString which removes any query string from a URI.
09 July 2012
Five new tips from the former Delphi Pool have been added, starting with tip #192
Five further tips taken from the defunct Delphi Pool website have been uploaded to the Delphi Tips section of the site. They are: #192, "How to save the font settings of a control to the registry"; #193, "How to subclass the default Delphi Dock Manager"; #194, "How to create data-aware components"; #195, "How to implement a custom component paint method that is dependent on outside data" and #196, "How to get the update region in a TGraphicControl".
08 July 2012
Two Windows shell routines added to the Code Snippets Database.
Two new routines have been added to the Windows Shell category of the Code Snippets database. They are: GetDesktopFolder that returns the path to the current user's desktop folder and GetKnownFolderPath that gets the path to a "known folder" using the API that was introduced with Windows Vista.
06 July 2012
Added 10 new Delphi Tips contributed by "Topellina"
This batch of tips is a subset of many that were contributed by "Topellina" some time ago. The tips are: #182, "Draw a DBGrid with alternating row colours"; #183, "Prevent a Delphi form from being moved off screen"; #184, "How to wipe a file"; #185, "How to detect and prevent Windows shut down"; #186, "Take a screen shot of an inactive window"; #187, "Prevent a Delphi form from being moved"; #188, "Add animation effects to your forms"; #189, "Ensure a form stays in the background"; #190, "Terminate a process instantly" and #191, "Delete or clear rows in a TStringGrid".
06 July 2012
New tip "Simulate the Visual Basic SendKeys and AppActivate routines in Delphi"
This new tip "Simulate the Visual Basic SendKeys and AppActivate routines in Delphi" is copyright (C) 1995, Ken Henderson and was contributed by Irfan Karazor
05 July 2012
Red letter day! The 500th snippet has been added to the Code Snippets Database.
The 500th snippet has just been added to the Code Snippets Database! It's a simple routine that gets the title of a window using its window handle and returns it as a Delphi string.
01 July 2012