News for 30 October 2013

Windows State Components v5.5.2 released
This maintenance release of the Window State Components from the DelphiDabbler Code Library patches the behaviour of TPJRegWdwState, when compiled with Delphi 6 or later, to provide access to the 64 but view of the reqistry when running on a 64 bit Windows OS. NOTE: You should not rely on TPJRegWdwState to work correctly on 64 bit Windows when compiling the component with Delphi 5 or earlier.
30 October 2013
Released v4.8.2 of CodeSnip
CodeSnip v4.8.2 has been released. It fixes a bug that may affect operating system detection when CodeSnip is run on Windows 2000. It also tidies up the font list that is displayed when customising synta highlighters. The few remaining Windows 2000 users are strongly urged to update. For users of later OSs, the update is purely cosmetic.
30 October 2013