News for May 2013

Added 4 new TWebBrowser support functions to Code Snippets database.
Four new snippets for working with TWebBrowser controls have been added to the CodeSnippets database. There are routines to undo and redo edit operations and routines to select and clear text collections.
22 May 2013
Delphi XE4 compile results added to the Code Snippets Database
Every snippet in the Code Snippet Database has now been test compiled with Delphi XE4 and the database has been updated with the results. All snippets that compiled with XE3 also compile with XE4. In the few cases where snippets will not compile wtih XE3 and XE4, alternatives are available that work with both compilers. NOTE: compile results are not displayed in the current beta of the online database - you will need CodeSnip v4.5.0 or 3.12.0 or later to see the results.
21 May 2013
Added more new TWebBrowser related snippets to the Code Snippets Database
Routines that handle Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete operations on a TWebBrowser control have been added to the Code Snippets Database's TWebBrowser category. Two support routines that help to invoke commands on the web browser control were also added.
20 May 2013
New Structures category and snippets added to Code Snippets database.
A new "Structures" category has been added to the Code Snippets database that is to be used to store simple and advanced records and their related constructor functions. Three new snippets have been added and several others moved from the "Mathematics" category, which is now getting overloaded. The new snippets are TRange, a record that encapsulates the lower and upper bounds of a range; Range, a constructor function for TRange and TRangeEx, an advanced record version of TRange that supports construction and a couple of other useful range-related methods. CodeSnip users will require v4.4.2 or later to see TRangeEx. The snippets that have moved from "Mathematics" are: BoundsF, PointF, RectF, Size, TPointF, TRectF and TSizeEx.
16 May 2013
Released CodeSnip v4.5.1
This is maintenance update to CodeSnip 4.5 that fixes a few bugs and tweaks the UI a little. The main fix is that CodeSnip will now let you relocate your user database to a network share - it no longer insists that the database is stored on a local drive. Operations that update local copies of database files can take a long time when the database is located on slow drives such as on a WiFi network or old USB memory sticks. CodeSnip 4.5.1 now displays progress bars or marquees in these cases so it should be obvious that the program is doing work and hasn't simply hung. These fixes have been made available in both the standard and portable editions.
15 May 2013
Added Delphi XE4 support to CodeSnip with releases 4.5.0 and 3.12.0
Support for test compiling and displaying compiler results for Delphi XE4 has just been added to both CodeSnip 4 and, for those who haven't yet updated, to CodeSnip 3. The releases are v4.5.0 and v3.12.0 respectively. Release v3.12.0 also fixes the same window restoration bug fixed that has already been fixed in v4.
02 May 2013
New TWebBrowser category added to Code Snippets Database
A new category has been added to the Code Snippets Database to store routines that manipulate the TWebBrowser control. Seven new routines have been added to the category as a start.
01 May 2013