News for 16 May 2013

New Structures category and snippets added to Code Snippets database.
A new "Structures" category has been added to the Code Snippets database that is to be used to store simple and advanced records and their related constructor functions. Three new snippets have been added and several others moved from the "Mathematics" category, which is now getting overloaded. The new snippets are TRange, a record that encapsulates the lower and upper bounds of a range; Range, a constructor function for TRange and TRangeEx, an advanced record version of TRange that supports construction and a couple of other useful range-related methods. CodeSnip users will require v4.4.2 or later to see TRangeEx. The snippets that have moved from "Mathematics" are: BoundsF, PointF, RectF, Size, TPointF, TRectF and TSizeEx.
16 May 2013