News for June 2013

SWAG Database updated again to v0.3 beta.
The online SWAG Pascal Database viewer application has been updated once more. This new release, v0.3 beta, adds support for caching snippets to reduce the number of round trips to the web service that are required. The first time you access a snippet it is fetched from the web service. Selecting the same snippet again will fetch it from the local cache, subject to the cache not being full. This release also fixes a nasty bug that was slowing down loading snippets etc from the web service once a few tens of snippets had been selected. The app's JavaScript code is now compatible with JSLint.
27 June 2013
SWAG Database updated to v0.2 beta
The online SWAG Pascal Database viewer application has been updated to v0.2 beta. This release adds syntax highlighting to all SWAG snippets that are flagged as being source code. Entries flagged as plain text are not highlighted.
16 June 2013
Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2" updated to v0.4 beta
"Code Snippets Database - Take 2", the online viewer for the Code Snippets database has been updated to v0.4 beta. This new release adds syntax highlighting of each snippet's source code.
15 June 2013
Recent website outage
Sorry for the recent web site outage. This was down to a problem with my web host. All now fixed and everything should be up and running again.
15 June 2013
CodeSnip Database updates are now working again
Because of a website outage CodeSnip has been unable to get updates for the Code Snippets database over the past day or so. This was due to an error on behalf of the web host which they have now fixed. For more info, follow the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.
15 June 2013
Two new System routines added to Code Snippets Database
Two new routines have been added to the System category of the Code Snippets Database. GetTotalPhysMemory returns the total memory on the system and handles memory greater than 4Gb on 64 bit Windows. TerminateProcessByID kills a process given its process handle. Both these routines are by new contributors - thanks guys.
14 June 2013
Released Window State Components v5.5.1
One day later comes a fix to a syntax error in the Window State Components v5.5.0 releases in the form of v5.5.1. If you use Delphi XE2 or later you need this revision to get the components to compile. Newbie error - not checking compilation on all available compilers!
07 June 2013
Released Window State Components v5.5.0
Released v5.5.0 of the Window State Components. This release improves TPJWdwState's ini file handling and changes the default ini file directory from the Windows system directory to the user's application data directory.
06 June 2013
Added new tip to Delphi Tips section
Added a new tip by Mike Fletcher to the Delphi Tips section: "Change the Delphi Object Inspector font size".
02 June 2013
CodeSnip 4.6.0 released
CodeSnip release 4.6.0 improves cross reference searching and allows the background colour of source code displayed in the main display to be customised.
02 June 2013