News for August 2013

CodeSnip v4.7.2 released
CodeSnip 4.7.2 fixes a display bug in the SWAG Import Wizard that could display one or more duplicates of the snippets selected for import. For details see This is an iritation rather than a major problem, so if you don;t use the Wizard there's no need to update.
27 August 2013
CodeSnip 4.7.1 released
CodeSnip 4.7.1 has been released. This fixes bugs relating to closing tabs in the detail pane in response to the Close Tab option in the tab set's context menu.
18 August 2013
Six new TWebBrowser related snippets added to Code Snippets database
Six new snippets have been added to the TWebBrowser section of the Code Snippets database. Each snippet opens one of the browser control's dialogue boxes. They are the Find, Page Setup, Print, Print Preview, Properties dialog boxes and the "Show Source" option that displays the current document's source code.
15 August 2013