News for 2013

Released v4.8.2 of CodeSnip
CodeSnip v4.8.2 has been released. It fixes a bug that may affect operating system detection when CodeSnip is run on Windows 2000. It also tidies up the font list that is displayed when customising synta highlighters. The few remaining Windows 2000 users are strongly urged to update. For users of later OSs, the update is purely cosmetic.
30 October 2013
Released v4.0.2 of the System Information Unit
Version 4.0.2 of the System Information Unit from the DelphiDabbler Code Library has been released. This fixes a potential bug when the unit is used on Windows 2000. This is a RECOMMENDED UPDATE. If you use the unit in programs that target Windows 2000 then you really should update.
29 October 2013
The final version of BoobyTrap! has been released
The last ever version (v1.1.2) of the BoobyTrap! Minesweeper clone has been released under the MIT license. This release enables the program to work correctly on 64 bit Windows and updates it to use the Unicode Windows API. The program is now compatible with Delphi XE, which was used to compile it. It may also compile with Delphi 2009 and later, but that's not been chcked. NOTE: Development is now frozen. The program was only ever really a programming exercise. It dates back the 1999 and it's far from my best code! Anyone who wants to take over the project is welcome.
29 October 2013
Added 2 new string handling snippets to Code Snippets Database
Two new snippets have been added to the string management category of the Code Snippets database. Both snippets remove duplicate strings from a collection of strings. One routine removes duplicates from a string list, the other operates on an array of strings.
27 October 2013
Old version of the online Code Snippets Database removed
The old version of the online Code Snippets Database has been retired and replaced by the Code Snippets Database - Take 2. I've made quite an effort to ensure that bookmarks and links to the old database redirect somewhere sensible. See the linked blog post for full details.
13 October 2013
3 new DOS shell snippets added to Code Snippets Database
Three new snippets have been added to the "System" category of the Code Snippets Database. They are all concerned with running DOS command in the command processor. The first, DOSCommand, simply executes a given DOS command like "COPY" or "DEL" and can optionally show a window or wait for the command to complete. The remaining two are overloaded and named DOSCommandRedirect. Both execute a DOS command in a hidden window and redirect its output. One version sends output to a TStream while the other sends output to a file. Thanks to Joe Donth for most of the work on these snippets.
12 October 2013
Added two new String Management snippets to Code Snippets Database
Two new string comparison routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: (1) CompareNumberStr that compares two strings case-sensitively, while treating any embedded digits as numbers rather than text and (2) InString that checks if one string contains another, optionally ignoring case.
07 October 2013
Released v0.7 beta of the Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2"
This latest release of the Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2", which follows hard on the heels of v0.6, adds some functionality to make it easier to select snippets for inclusion in a Pascal unit. There's a new "Select" toolbar button that leads to a drop down menu from where all snippets can be selected or de-selected in one action. Also, in response to user requests, there's an option to select all the snippets that are compatible with a given version of Delphi or FreePascal. That makes it easy to generate a unit that will compile on your compiler.
04 October 2013
New routine added to Code Snippets Database
A single new routine that returns the date of Easter as used by Western Christian churches has been added to the Code Snippets Database. The snippet is named WesternEaster nad is based on code from the SWAG archive. Unit tests for the snippets are available in the CodeSnippets project within the trunk of the Delphi Doodlings repo at
03 October 2013
Released v0.6 beta of the Online Code Snippets Database "Take 2"
This new release of Code Snippets Database "Take 2" adds the facility to select a whole group of snippets for inclusion in generated Pascal units. I've also changed the way generated units are displayed to make it easier to copy and paste them. Finally, a snippet's creation and last modification date are now displayed.
30 September 2013
CodeSnip 4.8.1 and 3.13.1 updates released
CodeSnip 4.8.1 and 3.13.1 have been released to fix a problem with printer page setup. If you set page options using the File | Page Setup menu option and then printed a snippet the options had been forgotten. It's only if you set the option from the Print dialogue box that the options are recognised. Therefore the fix was simple - the Page Setup menu option has been removed! This is a recommended update.
18 September 2013
Proposal to delete some minor features in Delphi 5
As I move on with developing CodeSnip 5 I've come across a couple of features that seem clumsy and will be harder to maintain in the new version. Before I go ahead and remove them I want to find out if anyone is using them and wants them retained. The proposal is discussed in detail in the linked blog post. If you want to vote to keep the feature then let me know.
17 September 2013