News item 2014/1/11/355

Released new versions of several Code Library projects that fix a Delphi XE5 compiling problem
Updates to numerous sub-projects from the Delphi Code Library have been released today to work round the failure to compile, by default, of the $IFEND compiler directive in Delphi XE5 and later. The projects that have been updated are: Window State Components (updated to v5.5.3), Version Information Component (v3.3.2), System Information Unit (v4.0.3), Drop Files Components (v5.0.5), About Box Component (v3.6.1), I/O Utility Classes (v1.0.1), Console Application Runner Classes (v3.0.1), Fractions Unit (v0.1.1-beta), MD5 Message Digest Unit (v1.1.1) and the Shell Folders Unit (v2.3.2). Phew! More updates to follow.
11 January 2014