News for February 2014

CodeSnip 4.8.6 Released
CodeSnip v4.8.6 has just been released. It improves the way the program works with Windows 4.8.6.
28 February 2014
System Information Unit v5.0.0 released
Version 5 of the System Information Unit has just been released. It adds support for detectinng Windows 8.1 and Window 2012 Server R2. There are also numerous new methods for testing for the presence of every Windows OS and service pack since Windows 2000. The underlying code has had to be revised to work around Microsoft's deprecation of the old GetVersion API functions and its other rather bonkers ideas that make detecting Windows 8.1 harder than it should be!
27 February 2014
New CodeSnip Blog Post
There's a new CodeSnip blog post that notifies of my intention to drop support for Windows 2000 in CodeSnip 5.
25 February 2014
New blog post about the Delphi Version Features page.
There's a new post on my blog about by Delphi Features page that gives info about various Delphi Language features and when they were introduced.
24 February 2014
Version Information Editor v2.13.0 released
v2.13.0 of the Version Information Editor has been released. The GUI has been given a refresh in this release, modernising the look and feel. It is easier to delete version information items and, at last, user preferences can be cleared and defaults restored.
23 February 2014
Renamed some GitHub repos
I'm still in the "early learning" phase with Git and GitHub, so keep changing my mind about stuff. For conssitency with naming conventions elsewhere I've removed the hyphens from my GitHub repo names: html-res become htmlres, vi-spy becomes vispy etc.
20 February 2014
HTML Resource Compiler v1.2.1 released
After a 4 and a half year hiatus an update to the HTML Resource Compiler has been released. The update fixes a display bug in the program's help screen. The installer has been re-compiled with an up to date version of Inno Setup to ensure it behaves properly on modern versions of Windows. A consequence of this is that the installer now required Windows 2000 or later to run. There's also a minor change to the EULA that corrects an error.
20 February 2014
CodeSnip website launched
CodeSnip now has its own website on its own sub-domain. The website. More info on the CodeSnip blog (linked).
19 February 2014
CodeSnip Blog moved to Blogger
After only three days I've just moved the CodeSnip blog from SourceForge to Blogger and started again! The SF solution couldn't handle everything I wanted to do, but I didn't notice until I came to do the second post! If you subscribed using the FeedBurner link (which is linked from here) then your subscription will still work. If not, please re-subscribe there. Sorry for any inconvenience.
19 February 2014
Version Information Tools source code moved to GitHub
In keeping with the trend over the last couple of days, the three projects that made up the Version Information Tools suite have had their source code moved to GitHub. Previously the whole suite was stored in a single Subversion repo on GoogleCode. On GitHub each tool has its own Git repo, as follows: Version Information Editor is in the "vied" repo, Version Information Spy is in "vispy" and the Version Information Manipulator Library is in "vilib". Outstanding issues from GoogleCode have been imported into the relevant project on GitHub and the old issue tracker has been abandoned.
18 February 2014
HTML Resource Compiler source code now available on GitHub
Ever since the HTML Resource Compiler's Subversion repo was closed on the project's source code has not been available via a source code repository - only a zip file containing the source has been available. However, that's just changed because I've just uploaded the project to GitHub, with its change history intact. Anyone interested in developing this project is welcome to fork it and push back any changes.
18 February 2014
BDiff / BPatch source moved to GitHub
The source code of the BDiff / BPatch Utilities has been move from the existing Subversion repository on to a new Git repo on GitHub. Please update bookmarks etc. The old code will remain on Assmebla for a while, but will no longer be updated: all new updated will go to GitHub.
17 February 2014