News for March 2014

Released v1.0.1 of CompFileDate File Date Comparision Utility
v1.0.1 of the CompFileDate file modification date comparison utility has just been released. This is the first update five years after the original was released. It's just a simple bug fix release. I've moved the source code into a Git repo on GitHub to live alongside my other command line utilities - see Ive relicensed the program and its source code under the MPL 2.0.
24 March 2014
Released v4.1.1 of the Clipboard Format Spy
v4.1.1 of the Clipboard Format Spy program has just been released. This version fixes a scaling bug in the UI, a couple of bugs that were preventing the help system working properly and prevents JavaScript errors being reported when displaying HTML stored on the clipboard.
21 March 2014
New blog post requesting comments about CodeSnip 5 proposals
There's a new post on the CodeSnip that provides information about the direction that CodeSnip 5 is likely to take and that invites comments. The way it is currently planned there will be quite a lot of difference between CodeSnip 4 and 5, particularly with regard to how it handles the online Code Snippets Database. Comments are invited from users and potential users. Development of the first preview release resumes in April.
15 March 2014
CodeSnip is on Google+
The CodeSnip program now has its own page on Google+. I'll be using the page to note any periferal issues that have some kind of relevance to CodeSnip. It will also get a summary of new posts on the CodeSnip blog.
15 March 2014
SWAG Archive REST API available
An REST API is available that provides read-only access to the SWAG database hosted on The API is documented at Other than posting a couple of obscure links to the documentation I've not promoted the API before until I was confident that it was stable. Since CodeSnip and the SWAG Viewer web app have been using it for months now I'm confident that it is working fine, but feedback to the contrary is welcome!
12 March 2014
New Blog Post
Just created a new blog post: "Been casting value types to stuff into TStrings.Objects[]?"
08 March 2014
CodeSnip v4.8.7 Released
This new release of CodeSnip fixes a bug in the online program and database update checker. This is a recommended release.
06 March 2014