News item 2014/8/12/414

Release PasHi Pascal Highlighter v2.0.0 beta 2
v2.0.0 beta 2 of PasHi, the Pascal Syntax Highlighter, has been released. Sadly its over three years since beta 1 was released! I'm trying to catch on some neglected projects and this is one result. v2 is a substantial improvement and expansion of v1.x which is now rather stable and worth trying out. Also included is v1.0.0 beta 2 of the PasHiGUI GUI front end for PasHi which is a total rewrite of the earlier beta code. This revised version has much more control over the way PasHi operates and allows you to use most of PasHi's numerous options without resorting to the command line.
12 August 2014