News for September 2014

CodeSnip v4.11.0 released
CodeSnip v4.11.0 has been released. This release is mainly concerned with changes made necessary by the change in the Code Snippets Database to use the MIT license. For full details please see the linked blog post.
24 September 2014
More on the site redesign - new page branding
Following on from yesterday's blog post about the proposed design for the app pages on the new website, I've just published the second draft design for the revised site's page header / branding. Since the site is going to be responsive there are two different designs - one for mobile and 7 inch tablets and another for larger tablets and desktops / laptops. See the linked blog post for further information.
22 September 2014
Site redesign - 1st page mock up published
I've just completed a first draft mock up of an application page as it may appear on the redesigned version of this site. The linked blog post has information and screen shots.
21 September 2014
Problems with contact page now fixed
Recently messages sent from the contact page have been getting trapped by my web host's spam filters. This should now be fixed (I hope!). If you've sent a message recently and no had a reply please send again. Alternatively send a message via Twitter (@delphidabbler) or Google+ (+DelphiDabblerSite).
18 September 2014
Database updates for CodeSnip 3 to cease
As from 2015/01/01 CodeSnip v3 will no longer get any Code Snippets Database updates. If you are one of the few remaining users, it really is time to update now. CodeSnip 4 users are not affected. For more info, see the linked blog post.
14 September 2014
Added new Date & Time routine to Code Snippets Database
After many months with no updates, I've finally added a new routine - MinsToStr to the Date and Time category of the Code Snippets database. This routine was adapted from a routine submitted by 'Michael'.
13 September 2014
CodeSnip v4.10.0 released
CodeSnip v4.10.0 has been released. This version adds supports for test compiling snippets with Delphi XE7. For more info please see the linked blog post.
12 September 2014
Removed out of date CodeSnip demo program
The 3rd party CodeSnip demo program has not been updated for quite some time and is no longer stable, so reluctantly I've removed it from the site.
11 September 2014