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CodeSnip v4.3.0 released
CodeSnip v4.3.0 has just been released. There are three main new features. (1) The directory used to store user-defined snippets database can now be changed. You can use this to place the database in a folder that will be backed up, for example Dropbox or GoogleDrive. (2) The default RTL namespaces can now be configured when test compiling with Delphi XE2 and XE3 and (3) Custom syntax highlighters can now be saved with a unique name for later re-use.
27 February 2013
Three new fraction related snippets added to Code Snippets Database
Three new routines for working with fractions have been added to the Code Snippets Database. NormaliseFractionSize ensures that the numerator of a fraction carries the sign while the denominator is always positive. The remaining two routines are for formatting a fraction as a string. FractionToStr formats a given numerator and denominator while FractionToStrEx does the same thing but also gives the option of normalising the fraction's sign.
16 February 2013
CodeSnip bug fix v4.2.1 released
CodeSnip release 4.2.1 fixes a bug in the new Favourites dialogue box, introduced in v4.2.0. The dialogue box was displaying the old-style unique snippet name but now displays the correct snippet display name.
14 February 2013
CodeSnip v4.2.0 released, now with Favourites
CodeSnip v4.2.0 has now been released. It adds support for flagging your frequently used snippets as favourites and provides easy access to them by means of a non-modal dialogue box that can float alongside the main window. Also changed Duplicate Snippets dialogue box to enable snippet display name to be changed and to have option of opening the duplicated snippet in the Snippets Editor. Some minor tweaks to the database stats displayed in the status bar and a minor bug fix complete the changes.
07 February 2013
CodeSnip bug fix v4.1.1 released
CodeSnip v4.1.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs in v4.1 that relate syntax highlighter and source code generation. For full details see the change log. Once again, both a portable and standard edition have been released.
30 January 2013
Updated Stream Extension Classes to v3.1.1
v3.1.1 of the Stream Extension Classes has been released. The units, demos and unit tests have been checked for 64 bit compiler compatibility and the units are compatible with the VCL and FireMonkey frameworks. The uses clauses of the units have been tweaked to prefix RTL unit names with the appropriate namespaces on Delphi XE2 and later. A demo has had Unicode related bug fixed. Both original demos have had some minor appearance changes. A new FireMonkey demo has been added.
28 January 2013
Bug fix v4.0.1 of the System Information Unit has been released
Release 4.0.1 of the System Information Unit fixes a bug in the TPJOSInfo.RegisteredOrganisation method that was causing it to always return the empty string instead of the expected organisation name. Thanks to Matjaz for reporting this.
28 January 2013
Three new BDE related tips from the former Delphi Pool added
Three new tips from the former Delphi Pool have been added to the Delphi Tips database, starting with tip #211. All the tips relate to the BDE (Borland Database Engine). One lists the meaning of the numerous error codes, the second provides an overview of the BDE functions while the last describes how to get rid of the BDE from an application. Given that the BDE is deprecated I'm not going to publish any more BDE tips from the Delphi Pool unless anyone asks.
28 January 2013
Ten new tips from the former Delphi Pool have been added, starting with tip #201
Ten further tips taken from the defunct Delphi Pool website have been uploaded to the Delphi Tips section of the site. They are: #201, "How to get the image size of a JPG, GIF and PNG image file"; #202, "How to save 32 bit bitmaps in 24 bit bmp format"; #203, "How to save 32 bit bitmaps in 24 bit bmp format"; #204, "How to write a custom TAction to control the visibility of a TStatusBar"; #205, "How to implement an OnAfterExecute event in a TActionList"; #206, "How to create a TDrawGrid where all cells act as buttons"; #207, "How to block pasting of text from the clipboard into an enabled TEdit"; #208, "How to paint on a TControlCanvas in a TMemo"; #209, "How to create a transparent TMemo" and #210, "How to create a transparent TPanel".
27 January 2013
MD5 Unit v1.1 released with 64 bit support
v1.1 of the MD5 Message Digest Unit has been released. This adds support for the Delphi 64 bit Windows compiler and fixes a bug from v1.0. The code can now be compiler in applications using either the VCL or FireMonkey 2 frameworks. License changed from MPL tri-license to MPL 2.0.
22 January 2013
Major update to System Information Unit
The System Information Unit has been updated to v4.0. The long-deprecated TPJSysInfo component, along with some old deprecated routines have been removed. Numerous new methods have been added. The code is now compatible with the Delphi 32 bit and 64 bit compilers and can be used with both VCL and FireMonkey (2) frameworks. A new FireMonkey 2 version of the demo program has been added. Finally, the old WinHelp help file has been dumped and all documentation is now online, reached by the "Documentation" shortcut included in the download.
20 January 2013
About Box Component v3.6 released
v3.6 of the About Box Component has been released. This update adds a new "Font" property for modifying the dialogue box's font. A redundant, deprecated property has been removed. The source has been tweaked for use with Delphi XE2 and XE3: the code compatible with either 32 bit or 64 bit build targets. The Mozilla Public License v2.0 replaces the earlier v1.1, making the code compatible with the GPL. The demo project has been overhauled and enables the new Font property to be tested.
15 January 2013