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Updated compile results in Code Snippets Database
Every snippet in the Code Snippets Database has test compiled with Delphi XE, XE, and XE3 and the results have been added to the database.
09 January 2013
ExeType routine from Code Snippets Database updated to detect 64 bit exes
The ExeType routine from the Code Snippets Database has been modified to detect 64 bit executables, including DLLs, along with ROM images, if you ever encounter one! The TExeType enumeration has had new values added to represent these new results. In addition the function now supports Free Pascal and has been successfully tested with Delphi XE, XE2 and XE3.
09 January 2013
Extended String Property Editor v2.0.1 released
Version 2.0.1 of the Extended String Property editor has been released with some minor tweks to make it use namespaces for VCL units with Delphi XE2 & XE3. Another small changes makes the code compile without warnings on Delphi XE3. Visually, the property editor interface has been tweaked slighly to improve its appearance. Finally, the source code is now available under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.
08 January 2013
Released v5.4.1 of the Window State Components
Release 5.4.1 of the Window State Components updates the source to compile without warnings on Delphi XE2 and XE3 and makes the code compatible with either 32 bit or 64 bit build targets. The source code license has changed to Mozilla Public License v2.0 making the code compatible with the GPL. The demos have been given an overhaul and now require Delphi 7 or later to compile.
08 January 2013
CodeSnip 4.1.0 released. Both standard and portable editions now available.
v4.1.0 of CodeSnip has been released. This release includes some improvements to the Snippets Editor's References tab along with a new source code formatting option. The portable edition(as tested in v4.0.1 portable beta 1) has now been rolled into v4.1.0 and the result is that, starting with this version, CodeSnip is now available either as the traditional (standard) edition or the portable edition. These are two separate programs compiled from a common code base. A different download is available for each edition.
06 January 2013
Planned changes to CodeSnip project hosting now complete
All the changes to CodeSnip's project hosting have now been completed and tested. In summary, the Subversion source code repository has moved to GoogleCode while the download files and bug report and feature request trackers remain on SourceForge, albeit with some URL changes. If you use any of these features please update your links. Full details have been published on my blog.
03 January 2013
No more database updates to the old Code Snippets Database
There will be no more updates to the old version of the Code Snippets Database. This means that, if you are using CodeSnip v2 or earlier, you will no longer get updates to the online database. To keep getting updates to the database you need to upgrade to CodeSnip 3 or 4 now. Also, the old online database is in the same boat - you need to use the new version at
31 December 2012
Nine new date routines added to Code Snippets Database
Nine new routines have been added to the Date and Time category of thie Code Snippets Database. Seven of them are functions test for days of the week: IsMonday, IsTuesday etc. while two similar routines, IsWeekday and IsWeekend test for weekdays and weekends respectively. The final three routines are different. AddDays adds a number of days to a date, DiffDays returns the whole number of days between two dates and DayOfYear returns day of the year for a given date. **NOTE**: these are the last new routines that will be visible is CodeSnip v1 and v2 and in the old version of the online database.
31 December 2012
CodeSnip's source code now moving to GoogleCode
I'm tried out SourceForge's new Subversion repo and I really dislike it. So I'm going to move CodeSnip's source to GoogleCode. I'll still be using Subversion. Sorry for the continued delay getting the Subversion repo up and running again.
29 December 2012
Six assorted routines added to Code Snippets Database
A jumble of six routines has been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: ArrayToStringList (copies a string array to a TStringList object), JoinStrArray (concatenates the string from a string array into a single string), StrToken (finds the first token in a string before a given delimiter), StrTokenCount (counts the number of tokens in a string, separated by a given character), StripWhiteSpace (removes all white space from a string) and FreeStringsObjects (frees all objects associated with a string list). In addition the StringListToArray routine was moved from the Utilities category to the Arrays category.
29 December 2012
CodeSnip project moving home on SourceForge
Over the next few days SourceForge will be migrating the CodeSnip project to their new Allura platform. Downloads may become unavailable for a time while this is taking place. Once the migration is complete the URLs used to access the Subversion source code repo will change. The new URLs will be posted on the blog and on CodeSnip's download page once they are known.
28 December 2012
Two routines added to Code Snippets database
Just two little routines for detecting valid ASCII characters and ASCII digits have been added to the Encoding category of the Code Snippets database. These complement the routines for testing for ASCII text, files and streams added recently.
18 December 2012