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CodeSnip's source code now moving to GoogleCode
I'm tried out SourceForge's new Subversion repo and I really dislike it. So I'm going to move CodeSnip's source to GoogleCode. I'll still be using Subversion. Sorry for the continued delay getting the Subversion repo up and running again.
29 December 2012
Six assorted routines added to Code Snippets Database
A jumble of six routines has been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: ArrayToStringList (copies a string array to a TStringList object), JoinStrArray (concatenates the string from a string array into a single string), StrToken (finds the first token in a string before a given delimiter), StrTokenCount (counts the number of tokens in a string, separated by a given character), StripWhiteSpace (removes all white space from a string) and FreeStringsObjects (frees all objects associated with a string list). In addition the StringListToArray routine was moved from the Utilities category to the Arrays category.
29 December 2012
CodeSnip project moving home on SourceForge
Over the next few days SourceForge will be migrating the CodeSnip project to their new Allura platform. Downloads may become unavailable for a time while this is taking place. Once the migration is complete the URLs used to access the Subversion source code repo will change. The new URLs will be posted on the blog and on CodeSnip's download page once they are known.
28 December 2012
Two routines added to Code Snippets database
Just two little routines for detecting valid ASCII characters and ASCII digits have been added to the Encoding category of the Code Snippets database. These complement the routines for testing for ASCII text, files and streams added recently.
18 December 2012
CodeSnip release 4.0.2 now available. Keyboard handling fixes.
CodeSnip version 4.0.2 has been released. This release fixes a few keyboard handling glitches. Mainly this involves adding, correcting and revising Alt key combinations in dialogue boxes. Recommended fix if you prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse. Note that the beta of the portable version has not been updated: it continues to be based on v4.0.1.
17 December 2012
12 new file & stream encoding checking routines added to Code Snippets Database
Twelve new routines have been added to the Encoding section of the Code Snippets database. Each pair of routine checks a file or a stream for a certain text encoding. The following encodings are detected by looking for byte order marks: UTF-7, UTF-8 and UTF-16 (little endian, big ending or either formats). In addition there are a pair of routines for checking for ASCII encoding which check some or all of the file or stream's content.
12 December 2012
SourceForge links for CodeSnip working again
For a few hours yesterday and earlier today the download links for various CodeSnip files on SourceForge were not working. SourceForge is back up now and all the links are working. So if you've been waiting to download CodeSnip 3.11.1 or CodeSnip 4.0.1 or the new portable edition beta, you should be able to do so now. Sorry for the problem.
11 December 2012
A beta release of a portable version of CodeSnip has been released.
This new release (4.0.1 portable beta 1) of CodeSnip is the first beta of a portable version of CodeSnip. It can be run from a writeable removable storage device such as a USB stick. It makes no changes to the the host computer's files and stores all its data on the removable device in subdirectories of the install directory. There is no install program - just copy the files into the required folder on the removable device. This beta is only available on SourceForge in the Release-4.0.1-portable-beta.1 directory of thr File page. Feedback please.
10 December 2012
CodeSnip v4.0.1 now available. This is a recommended bug fix release.
Release 4.0.1 of CodeSnip is now available. This is a RECOMMENDED UPDATE that fixes a few display glitches, has a minor help file update and some internal tweaks. CodeSnip 3 users please see the previous news item for details of a similar fix.
08 December 2012
CodeSnip v3.11.1 released. Fixes bugs for users of CodeSnip 3.
A bug fix release for CodeSnip v3 has been released. If you are sticking with CodeSnip 3 and don't want to update to v4 this is a recommended release that fixes some display bugs. CodeSnip 4 users should ignore this release.
08 December 2012
Three new file & stream i/o routines added to Code Snippets Database
Three new routines for testing for "watermarks" in files and streams have been added to the Code Snippets database. They are StreamHasWatermark, which checks for a given array of bytes in a stream and two overloaded versions of FileHasWatermark that performs a similar check in files except that watermarks can be specified either as a byte array or as an ANSI string. FileHasWatermark can only be viewed in either CodeSnip 3 or later or the new online database beta. No such restrictions apply to StreamHasWatermark.
22 November 2012
Five new routines added to Code Snippets Database
Five new routines have been added to the System category of the Code Snippets Database. They are GetBiosVendor, GetProcessorIdentifier, GetProcessorName, GetSystemManufacturer and GetSystemProductName. The names are pretty self explanatory. Thanks to Bill Miller for contributing these.
21 November 2012