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2nd preview of CodeSnip v4 now released on SourceForge
The 2nd alpha (preview) release of CodeSnip v4 has now been released. This provides the core new features slated for v4 - new "unit" and "class" snippet types. The first lets you include whole units in the snippets database that can be test compiled. The second "class" type is for classes and advanced records along with their method implementations. Snippets of this type can be test compiled and included in generated units. There are other new features that you can read about in the change log at Note that this version is available only on source forge, in either executable or source code format.
21 April 2012
CodeSnip v3.10.1 released (bug fix)
This is a bug fix release of CodeSnip that fixes an obscure bug that can corrupt source code units generated by CodeSnip. The circumstances when this occurs are not commonplace, but you are advised to update just in case. See the bug report at for full details.
20 April 2012
CodeSnip v3.10.0 released
CodeSnip v3.10.0 has been released. It's a minor update that simply adds a new Help | On The Web | FAQs menu option that displays the CodeSnip FAQ in the default browser. Some niggling UI problems in dialogue boxes using tabbed page controls were also fixed.
17 April 2012
PasHi Pascal Syntax Highlighter v2 beta 1 released.
A beta of the new greatly enhanced PasHi Pascal syntax highlighter has been released. This is a mega update with lots of new options such as line numbering, use of your own style sheets, links to external style sheets, multiple source files etc. See the program's ReadMe file for full details. There's also a new greatly enhanced version of the GUI front end program PasHiGUI. Several sample style sheets are bundled with PasHi, many of which emulate the Delphi 2010 IDE styles, right down to the line numbering style.
11 April 2012
8 Queens Problem Solver v4.1 released.
A new version of the 8 queens problem solver program has been released. It has been refactored using later Delphi language features and recompiled with Delphi 2010. You can now click on a chess board square to see the rows (ranks), columns (files) and diagonals that can be take from a queen on the square to check the results are correct.
18 March 2012
CodeSnip Subversion repo re-structured
CodeSnip's Subversion source code repository has been restructured. Because the main development effort is now on Codesnip 4, the v4 development feature branch (v4-dev) has been integrated into the trunk, and the branch has been deleted. v3 code has been moved into a release branch named 3.x in the branches directory.
27 February 2012
First preview version of CodeSnip 4 now available
By the skin of my teeth I've kept my promise to release an alpha (preview) version of CodeSnip before the end of 2011! You can safely install this alongside CodeSnip v3 without breaking anything. This release is for messing about with - don't commit any valuable code to it until it's stable because file formats may change. See the read-me file that accompanies downloads before installing. The program is available only from SourceForge, but you'll find links on CodeSnip's page on The main new feature is multiple tabs to display more than one snippet at once. For full details of changes see the change log.
31 December 2011
Reset hit counters on links page.
The hit counters on the links page were reset to zero.
26 November 2011
CodeSnip v3.9.3 Released
This update to CodeSnip fixes some minor bugs in the main window. It also fixes a broken web link in the About box. None of these bugs were reported on the bug tracker.
23 November 2011
IsNumeric routine from Code Snippets Database has been re-written.
The IsNumeric routine from the Code Snippets Database has been re-written. Previously it had only recognised floating point numbers that use the full stop (dot) character as the decimal separator. In locales that don't use that separator, strings containing valid floating point numbers were being rejected as invalid. The re-written routine handle decimal separators from different locales correctly.
03 November 2011
Two more graphics routines added to Code Snippets Database
Two more overloaded routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are named InvertBitmap and they do just that: they invert the colours in a bitmap.
01 November 2011
CodeSnip's SourceForge page has been given a makeover.
The CodeSnip project pages on SourceForge have been refreshed. There's more info about the project, the unused forum has been deleted and the support section now refers to the CodeSnip FAQ on this site's Wiki.
01 November 2011