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New Code Snippets Database graphics routines
Two new overloaded GreyScale routines have been added the Code Snippets database. They both convert a colour bitmap into a 24bit greyscale bitmap. One of three greyscale conversion methods can be selected: lightness, average and luminosity. The required method is passed to the routines as an identifier from the new TGreyScaleMethod enumeration.
31 October 2011
Bug-fix version 3.9.2 of CodeSnip released.
Version 3.9.3 of CodeSnip has been released. This release fixes three minor bugs.
28 October 2011
First alpha release of CodeSnip v4 planned for end of 2011
After a lot of under-the-hood tweaking of the CodeSnip code base I've now starting adding new features and am planning the first alpha release by the year end. This is planned to give users an idea of what's to come and, hopefully, to get some feedback. More info in my Blog.
24 October 2011
Stream Extension Classes v3.1 released
Release 3.1 of the Stream Extension Classes is now available. This release adds overloads for 64 bit integer parameters to TStream descendant SetSize and Seek methods. It also provides proper support for large (> 2Gb) data sizes, seeks and copies in its implementation of IStream methods. DUnit tests have been re-instated and made to work correctly with Delphi 2010.
08 October 2011
Online Code Snippets Database now supports Delphi XE2
The online version of the Code Snippets Database has been updated to recognise Delphi XE2 as one of the compilers for which compilation results can be displayed.
19 September 2011
CodeSnip v3.9.1 released. This is a bug fix release.
Release 3.9.1 of CodeSnip fixes a bug in the syntax highlighter where malformed Pascal general format floating point numbers were causing an assertion failure.
18 September 2011
Four new date routines added to Code Snippets Database
Four new routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database's Date and Time category. They are named DateMonthStart, DateMonthEnd, DateYearStart and DateYearEnd and provide the date of the start and end of the month or year that contains a given date.
18 September 2011
Three new string routines added to Code Snippets Database
Three new string management routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database. ReverseStr and ReverseStrR both reverse the given string, with ReverseStrR using recursion. The other routine is StripAccelChars which removes any accelerator or shortcut characters ('&') from a given string.
16 September 2011
Stream Extension Classes documentation expanded and moved to Wiki.
Documentation of the Stream Extension Classes has been moved from Google Code to the DelphiDabbler wiki. It's also been greatly expanded.
13 September 2011
New "Delphi Notes" section added to Wiki
A new "Delphi Notes" section has been added to the Wiki. This section provides information on Delphi compilers and the IDE. The first three pages give details of version numbers, Delphi features and when they were added to the compiler, and IDE editor keyboard shortcuts.
10 September 2011
Error fixed in article#14, How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way
Ivan Kozhuharov has pointed out an error in one of this article's supporting functions. This has now been fixed both in the article and in the accompanying demo code. You need to get the updated code if you are building the demo - there may be spurious results if you don't.
10 September 2011
New mathematics routines added to Code Snippets Database for testing maximum, minimum and mid values
Overloaded versions of different routines have been added to the Code Snippets Database. They are: to find the minimum value of an array, MaxOfArray finds the maximum value of an array and Mid finds the middle of three values. Single, Double, Extended, Integer and Int64 overloads are provided for each routine. If you are using the CodeSnip program you need v3.0 or later to view these routines.
10 September 2011