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New wiki documenting the Message Dialog Components now available
This new wiki that documents the Message Dialog Components duplicates the information from the help file. It is useful for those who don't have WinHelp installed (Vista and later by default) or who have Delphi 2005 and later which can't integrate the help file into the IDE.
20 August 2010
Release v2.2.1 of the Message Dialog Box Components
With release 2.2.1 the Message Dialog Components at last compile and work correctly with Delphi 2009 and 2010 following prompting by a user.
17 August 2010
CodeSnip v3.6.3 released
CodeSnip v3.6.3 has been released. The code that communicates with web services has been completely re-written to avoid some of the character encoding errors experienced in earlier versions. The "About The Program" tab of the About Box has also been updated and corrected.
22 July 2010
Released v0.2 beta of the MD5 Message Digest Unit
This update to the MD5 Message Digest Unit changes the parameter type of the AnsiString overloads of the TPJMD5.Calculate and TPJMD5.Process methods from AnsiString to RawByteString. This change enables ANSI strings of any code page to be processed without conversion to the default code page.
21 July 2010
Released v1.0.2 of the Console Application Runner Classes
This new version of the Console Application Runner Classes finally fixes a problem that was causing the code to fail when compiled against a Unicode Windows API, i.e. with Delphi 2009 or Delphi 2010. This was down to a "feature" of the Windows CreateProcessW API function. Thanks to the two users who pointed this out - you know who you are!
20 July 2010
CodeSnip v3.6.2 released
CodeSnip v3.6.2 has been released. This release fixes a formatting bug in the code generator along with a potential bug in the code that parses the markup used for a snippet's extra information. Also fixed a memory leak.
18 June 2010
Component Help Installer mailing list now closed
Now that Component Help Installer has been mothballed it seemed time to wind up the program's mailing list. This has now been done. A final newsletter has been sent and records of the subscribers have been deleted.
12 June 2010
New Arrays category added to Code Snippets Database with six new snippets
The new "Arrays" category is a receptacle for any routines that manipulate or interogate arrays. The first six routines in this category (AppendByteArray, ByteArraysEqual, ChopByteArray, CloneByteArray, ConcatByteArrays and SliceByteArray) all work with byte arrays (array of Byte or TBytes).
11 June 2010
Several snippets updated in the Code Snippets Database
The IsValidURLProtocol routine was refactored, the IsNumeric and Pause routines were updated per suggestions by tester "Montor" and the Delay routine was changed to deal with potential roll-over situations with the GetTickCount API function.
10 June 2010
Source code for the Version Information Tools is now available in a Subversion repo
Like the HTML Resource Compiler, the source code for the Version Information Tools (Version Information Editor, Version Information Spy, and Version Information Manipulator Library) has been in a Subversion repository on Google Code for a while, but until now it's not been linked to from this site.
10 June 2010
Subversion repo for the HTML Resource Compiler now available
HTML Resource compiler's source code has been in a Subversion repository on for some time, but it's not been linked to from this site. And now it is!
10 June 2010
Renamed a type definition in Code Snippets Database
Renamed TDynByteArray type to TBytes to make more compatible with the equivalent type in Delphi 2009 and later and also to prepare the ground for some forthcoming new snippets. This revision ensures the TBytes type is available on non-Unicode compilers. The TryHexToBytes and HexToBytes routines were also changed to use TBytes instead of TDynByteArray. This is one of those rare changes to the database that is not backwards compatible. Existing code that relied on TDynByteArray will fail to compile unless the type names are changed or TDynByteArray is manually defined in terms of TBytes.
03 June 2010