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New 3rd party app uploaded: Delphi Tips Manager
The Delpi Tips Manager lets you view and manage and categorise your tips. Contributed by Kachwahed. Source code and a large tips database are also available.
08 April 2010
Published new tip#159
This new tip is entitled "How to centre text in a TEdit (alternative approach)" in pretty self-explanatory. Tip contributed by JMS. This tip presents an alternative approach to that in Tip#85.
08 April 2010
Updated Code Snippets database with two revised and four new snippets
New snippets StringListToArray, ExplodeStrArray, ChangeChar and ReduceStr were added to the Code Snippets database. ExplodeStr and SplitStr were modified to permit strings to be split on string delimiters instead of just single characters.
05 April 2010
404 errors fixed
Some time on Friday 2nd April the site began reporting 404 errors for most pages. This was probably something to do with planned server maintenance by the hosting company. This is now fixed.
02 April 2010
April 2010 Newsletter
Published the April 2010 newsletter.
01 April 2010
Problem with CodeSnip v3.5.4 fixed on web server
The CodeSnip update web service has been patched to recognise requests from CodeSnip v3.5.4 and to deliver a customised database update that it can handle. So the worst of the problem has been resolved. However updating from any version of CodeSnip from v3.5.1 to v3.5.4 is strongly recommended.
25 March 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.4 found to be fatally flawed
CodeSnip v3.5.4 has a bug that causes a stream error just after a database update has been downloaded. Users are strongly encouraged to update to v3.5.5 or later.
24 March 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.5 released. Essential bug fix update for users of v3.5.1 to v3.5.4
CodeSnip v3.5.4 has been found to have a fatal bug (#2976048) that causes a stream read error after a database update has been downloaded. This was introduced into v3.5.4 while fixing other bugs in v3.5.3. In fact, v3.5.1 to v3.5.4 are all buggy for some users, so this release is considered essential for users of those versions.
24 March 2010
CodeSnip v3.5.4 released. This is a recommended bug fix update
CodeSnip v3.5.4 is a temporary fix for a persistent database update bug that v3.5.2 and v3.5.3 also attempted to fix. v3.5.3 fixed it for some systems, but it is still biting user of Russian versions of Windows with code page 1251 (and there are probably other locales). The database download code is being completely overhauled and this fix will be replaced when that is done.
18 March 2010
Resource File Unit v1.0.1 released
This new version gets rid of compiler warnings on Delphi 7 and later. It also improves comparison of string resource ids to make them safer with multi-byte character sets. The documentation has also been overhauled. And the unit's been tested with Delphi 2010 - it works fine. The source code is now hosted in the ddab-lib Google Code repository.
18 March 2010
MD5 Message Digest Unit v0.1.0 beta released
The first release of the MD5 Message Digest Unit has been made available. The downloadable .zip file available from both the MD5 page on and the ddab-lib project on Google Code.
17 March 2010
Published new tip#158
This new tip is entitled "How to prevent a TLIstView from displaying tool tips for long items". It presents a little routine that can be used to inhibit the standard list view behaviour of displaying the full text of truncated items in a tool tip.
17 March 2010