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Clipboard Viewer Component

Release: 2.0.0
Date: 10 August 2014
Delphi Compatibility:
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE4
Red LED Grey LED Grey LED Grey LED Grey LED Grey LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED

Change Log

Release v2.0.0 of 10 August 2014
  • Updated to use modern Clipboard Format Listener API functions when running on OSs that support them, while still supporting the original Clipboard Viewer API on older OSs. This fixes issue #30 (http://bit.ly/X7tcbG).
  • Removed obsolete WinHelp files from project. Documentation is now online only.
  • "private" and "protected" class sections are now strict on supporting Delphis.
  • A little refactoring.
  • XMLDoc commented unit.
  • Updated documentation re changes.
Release v1.4.1 of 06 February 2014
  • Fixed problem with compiler directives in component and demo source files that was causing compilation to fail on Delphi XE5.
  • References to unit names in the component demo and source files are now qualified with their namespaces when compiled with Delphi XE2 and later.
  • Demo program appearance modified with form scaling switched off, change to Arial font and positioning of the window at desktop centre. Delphi 7 or later is now required to compile the demo.
  • WinHelp help file regenerated with updated copyright date.
  • License changes:
    • Component source license changed to Mozilla Public License v2.0, which is also now applied to main documentation.
    • Demo source code and documentation placed in public domain (Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal).
  • Documentation revised:
    • Read-me and demo read-me files revised re changes.
    • MPL license file renamed and now contains Mozilla Public License v2.0 instead of v1.1.
    • Online documentation short-cut now renamed and its URL changed.
Release v1.4 of 13 October 2010
  • Updated compiler directives used to detect and act on compiler in use.
  • Added new demo project.
  • Revised help file and updated example code to match demo project.
  • Updated and corrected documentation and included short-cut file that links to component Wiki.
Release v1.3 of 17 August 2008
  • Fixed a conditional compilation bug.
  • Re-factored main window procedure in line with MSDN clipboard viewer documentation.
  • Removed 16 bit support.
  • Made minor changes to help file.
Release v1.2 of 11 May 2004
  • Prevented compiler warnings when compiling the component under Delphi 6 and 7.
  • Updated copyright information in help file.
  • Changed to Mozilla public license.
Release v1.1 of 27 July 2003
  • Changed to install into "DelphiDabbler" component palette rather than PJ Stuff.
  • Altered code slightly to make easier to subclass.
  • Rewrote help file to integrate into Delphi 3 and later IDE - help file's backwards compatibility with Delphi 1 and 2 was lost.
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes and to cover installation from Delphi 1 to Delphi 7.
Release v1.0.1 of 28 November 1999
  • Updated HTML documentation to include installation notes for Delphi 3/4 and added update history.
Release v1.0 of 01 August 1999
  • Original version.