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Clipboard Format Spy

Release: 4.1.1
Date: 21 March 2014
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Change Log

Release v4.1.1 of 21 March 2014
  • Changed main UI font.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • JavaScript error dialogue boxes were occasionally being displayed when previewing HTML in the view dialogue box.
    • Required help topics were not being displayed from the view dialogue box.
    • Form scaling problems.
    • Incorrect memory allocation bug in forms.
  • Updated documentation and license.
Release v4.1.0 of 04 January 2011
  • Implemented full Unicode support:
    • Recompiled with Delphi 2010.
    • Changed several clipboard viewers to correctly handle Unicode and non-Unicode clipboard formats.
    • Fixed code that was not fully Unicode compatible.
  • Removed some Delphi 7 specific fixes:
    • Code that fixed problems with task-bar and flip-UI etc on Vista and later was stripped out: Delphi 2010's native handling of task bar used instead.
    • Removed code that fixed "Alt key bug": bug not present when compiled with Delphi 2010.
  • Potential sizing problems with Vista windows fixed by setting viewer frame's client height and width instead of overall height and width.
  • Changed some internal clipboard format names to comply with Windows standards.
  • Removed support for some clipboard formats:
    • "text/richtext": had been assumed to be same as "Rich Text Format", but it is not.
    • "text/plain": can't determine whether this format is for Unicode or ANSI text.
  • Fixed bug in code that processes PIDLs.
  • Amended code to remove all Delphi 2010 warnings.
  • Memory leaks now checked when running under debugger.
  • Updated installer
    • Installer now supports Unicode.
    • Abandoned support for Windows 9x and NT: now require Windows 2000 or later.
  • Updated documentation and license.
Release v4.0.2 of 19 June 2008
  • Changed to make application minimisation, task bar preview window, and appearance in "Flip 3D" task switching display correctly on Windows Vista.
  • Provided work-around for Delphi's Alt key bug on XP and Vista (CodeGear Quality Central bug report #374030).
  • Added accelerator keys to buttons and check boxes in viewer dialogue box and various view frames.
Release v4.0.1 of 04 May 2008
  • Fixed bug which meant window size and state were not being stored.
  • Fixed display problem in some viewers.
  • Changed button alignment in view dialogue box.
  • Made locale information extraction safe across all Windows OSs.
  • Fixed minor errors in help file style sheet.
  • Fixed minor error version information.
Release v4.0 of 24 Mar 2008
  • Major update.
  • Added facility to view certain clipboard formats by providing a non-modal viewer dialogue box that can render all supported formats.
  • Removed pop-up menu available to whole program window.
  • Added context sensitive pop-up menu for each listed clipboard format that gives access to viewers.
  • Added size of clipboard format in memory to main display for formats that use global memory.
  • Main display can now be sorted by code, format name or size.
  • Removed options to prevent persistence of window settings and to switch off toolbar.
  • Added status bar that displays name of process that last wrote to clipboard.
  • Removed website button from toolbar and replaced with web link in status bar.
  • Updated list of standard Windows clipboard formats and changed to display symbolic names of standard formats instead of description.
  • Changed help system to HTML Help from WinHelp and revised content. Added topics for each clipboard viewer.
  • Added build script that can build the application and help file.
  • Changed to new open source license for executable program and added license to help file.
  • Changed to use Inno Setup to generate install program.
  • Revised about box. Now has links to delphidabbler.com and license topic in help file.
Release v3.4a of 16 May 2004
  • Fixed bug in install program that was failing to register help file properly.
  • Updated read-me file.
Release v3.4 of 31 December 2003
  • Modified to be compatible with Windows XP and take on its look and feel.
  • Compiled with Delphi 7.
  • Changed source code to Mozilla Public License.
Release v3.3 of 28 November 2003
  • Updated toolbar with new images, removed exit button and added button to access DelphiDabbler website. Buttons are highlighted in colour when mouse passes over, but are grey otherwise.
  • Pop-up menu now displays same glyphs as related commands on toolbar.
  • Changed to use HKCU\Software\delphiDabbler key in registry as parent for this program's entries rather than HKCU\Software\PJSoft.
  • Constrained window to always appear within workspace.
  • Modified help file re changes in toolbar buttons.
Release v3.2 of 27 July 2003
  • Replaced access to PJSoft website with DelphiDabbler.com and changed method used to access site.
  • Tidied up some of source code.
  • Updated help file.
Release v3.1a of 29 July 2000
  • Fixed bug in install program.
Release v3.1 of 31 March 2000
  • Added pop-up menu.
  • Added access to PJSoft website from pop-up menu.
  • Made it possible to toggle toolbar on and off.
  • Removed some redundant code.
  • Updated help file to deal with new pop-up menu.
  • Changed to use console based install program created by SIBuilder.
Unreleased v3.0 of 11 December 1999
  • Moved to 32 bit code.
  • Gave program a new interface.
  • Greatly simplified code.
  • Re-wrote help file for new interface. Help file now has hyperlinks to author's website and email.
  • Window now remembers position and size between executions using registry.
  • User can no longer determine whether or not window size is saved.
  • Added HTML and other documentation.
  • Included source code in distribution.
  • Created installation program using InstallShield Express.
  • Moved to Delphi 4 compiler.
Release 2.0a of 6 April 1999
  • Removed spurious text from main display at start up.
Unreleased v2.0 of 09 July 1998
  • Total re-write.
  • Gave new look and feel common to all my "spy" programs.
  • Shared some code with other "spy" programs.
  • Added Windows help to program.
  • Made window resizeable.
  • Made About Box accessible from system menu rather than button.
  • Embedded version information in program file.
  • Added facility to optionally remember window size and position.
  • Added ability to display names of custom formats.
  • Revised icon to conform to look and feel of other spies.
Unreleased v1.1 of 21 July 1997
  • Added application title to project file so that it is displayed when program is minimised.
  • Added program icon.
  • Removed design-time caption from form and set caption at run-time to be same as application title.
Unreleased v1.0 of 09 March 1997
  • Original version (16 bit).
  • Compiled with Delphi 1.