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CodeSnip Code Snippets Repository

Release: 4.16.0
Date: 31 May 2020
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Change Log

New CodeSnip Micro-site
CodeSnip now has its own micro-site (currently in beta) that will eventually replace this page.
Please check it out at http://codesnip.delphidabbler.com. Comments and bug reports are welcome.
This new site has a fresh new look and is responsive to different browser sizes.

CodeSnip's change log is split into 5 parts, one for each major release including the initial beta release.

Select the required release below.

Unreleased v0.11.1 Beta of 10 April 2006
  • Improved and fixed interaction with database update web service:
    • Download manager now sends program's key and registration code to web service instead of place-holder strings.
    • Handling for HTTP error messages improved. Short HTTP error descriptions are displayed rather than full content of error pages.
Release v0.11.0 Beta of 07 April 2006
  • Added ability to register CodeSnip at DelphiDabbler.com:
    • Registration is performed via a new wizard that gathers registration information and interacts with web server.
    • Wizard is accessed via a Help menu option and About box button that appear only when application is unregistered.
    • Application is identified by a unique key.
    • Registration information is stored in persistent storage.
  • Reworked and added classes to centralise access to system and application information.
  • Updated help file with details of registration dialogue and CodeSnip mailing list.
Unreleased v0.10.12 Beta of 04 April 2006
  • Improved code that stores global application settings. Prepared way for having per-user and global settings rather than just per-user settings as at present.
Unreleased v0.10.11 Beta of 03 April 2006
  • Revised to work with v3.1 of CodeSnip database update web service.
Unreleased v0.10.10 Beta of 02 April 2006
  • Added program icon (16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 versions).
Release v0.10.9 Beta of 02 April 2006
  • Fixed bug where browser controls displayed JavaScript error dialogue when exceptions were raised by database updates initiated from browser control's "external" object.
  • Refactored some code in main form and main snippets object as a result of above fix.
  • Also refactored some of search code in main form.
Unreleased v0.10.8 Beta of 02 April 2006
  • Removed bug in database update manager that was causing database to be restored unnecessarily.
  • Heavily refactored update manager code as part of bug fix.
Release v0.10.7 Beta of 28 January 2006
  • Fixed display problems in details pane when running on Windows 2000.
  • Changed style of scroll bars from flat to normal when running in Windows XP classic style or on earlier Windows version.
  • Made compiler check pane update itself when compilers are added or removed.
Release v0.10.6 Beta of 20 January 2006
  • Fixed bug where backup directory was not being deleted after database updates.
Release v0.10.5 Beta of 14 January 2006
  • Added credits for third party code to about box.
  • Completed help file.
Release v0.10.4 Beta of 12 January 2006
  • Added checking of checksums of downloaded files to increase security. Exceptions now raised when a file's checksum is incorrect.
  • Fixed small alignment problem in update dialogue.
Unreleased v0.10.3 Beta of 11 January 2006
  • Changed so that compiler output is now captured directly rather than via temporary log file.
  • Compiler execution is now time-sliced and time-limited rather than being allowed infinite processing time.
Unreleased v0.10.2 Beta of 10 January 2006
  • Reverted to Delphi 7 to avoid Delphi 2006 bug that was enabling dialogues to be minimized and maximized.
  • Reordered controls in Find Compiler dialogues.
  • Restored title bar close button to web update dialogue.
  • Reverted to Indy 9 Internet controls (from Indy 10) and made relevant adjustments to code.
  • Completed help topics for Find Text and Find Compiler dialogues.
Release v0.10.1 Beta of 09 January 2006
  • Removed debug code (message box) mistakenly left in compiler execution code.
  • Refactored compiler support classes.
Release v0.10.0 Beta of 08 January 2006
  • Added support for Delphi 2005/6 Win32 compilers.
  • Refactored some compiler support code.
  • Added support for user-configurable compiler switches.
  • Used new tabbed layout for Configure Compilers dialogue box and added tab for configuring compiler switches.
  • Updated help file to reflect redesign of Configure Compilers dialogue box.
Release v0.9.0 Beta of 06 January 2006
  • Added facility to copy code snippets to clipboard.
  • Added new preferences dialogue box to enable configuration of default format for code snippets.
  • Added new preferences class to persist data entered in the preferences dialogue.
  • Refactored main snippets class to simplify addition of new copy snippet facility.
  • Updated help file re new additions.
Unreleased v0.8.3 Beta of 04 January 2006
  • Modified to compile with Indy Components v10 and Delphi 2006 for Win 32.
Unreleased v0.8.2 Beta of 04 January 2006
  • Created static class to interpret command line and changed other code to work with the new class.
Unreleased v0.8.1 Beta of 04 January 2006
  • Fixed minor display bug in web update dialogue box.
  • Fixed about box's problem in displaying help in response to F1 key press.
Release v0.8.0 Beta of 30 November 2005
  • Changed help file from WinHelp (.hlp) format to HTML Help (.chm) format.
  • Changed program to use new format help file.
Release v0.7.7 Beta of 22 November 2005
  • Refactored and revised code that accesses DelphiDabbler web services.
  • Updated to use v2 of the database update web service.
  • Added topics for Bug Report dialogue and Web Update dialogue to help file.
Release v0.7.6 Beta of 04 June 2005
  • Fixed Delphi compiler auto-detection bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused endless loop of exceptions when "database" was corrupt.
  • Syntax highlighter now generates correct XHTML for multi-line comments and generates correct CSS for mono-spaced fonts.
  • Occasional failure to create compiler log files now reported as error rather than bug.
Release v0.7.5 Beta of 03 June 2005
  • Fixes bugs that surface when user has disabled scripts in IE's Internet zone. Program no longer runs in Internet zone.
Release v0.7.4 Beta of 09 May 2005
  • Made user defined settings in Save Snippets dialogue box persistent.
Unreleased v0.7.3 Beta of 25 April 2005
  • Disabled test compile button on compiler checks pane along with associated menu and toolbar button when no compilers installed.
  • Rewrote main welcome page, adding links to compiler check dialogue. Made same welcome page appear in both detail panes.
  • Updated compiler check pages by adding links to compiler check dialogue and new "about compiler checks" help topic.
  • Updated help file with new "about compiler checks" topic and completed "QuickStart" topic.
  • Added new features to DOM's external object to support above changes.
Unreleased v0.7.2 Beta of 21 April 2005
  • Refactored code that maintains persistent application data.
  • Refactored syntax highlighter code and moved interfaces and enumerated types to own unit.
  • Renamed unit generation unit now that it generates source code other than complete units.
  • Carried out minor refactoring of Pascal analyser unit.
Unreleased v0.7.1 Beta of 20 April 2005
  • Disabled F1 key press handling in dialogues with no help button. Was triggering bad topic errors in WinHelp.
  • Added "Compile" prefix to compiler check page's "Test Compile" button.
  • Fixed errors in "do nothing" doc host handler used by web browser control.
Release v0.7.0 Beta of 17 March 2005
  • Added new facility to save a routine, or a whole category of routines, to file.
  • Reworked syntax highlighter implementation.
  • Updated help file with details of new routine saving feature.
Release v0.6.0 Beta of 10 March 2005
  • Added syntax highlighting for source code displayed in detail panes.
Release v0.5.0 Beta of 05 March 2005
  • Added support for Free Pascal compiler by totally reworking the compiler support engine.
  • Added new dialogue box to configure compilers. Compiler detection ability retained but now only works in response to user request.
  • Revised about box to include "powered by Delphi" logo.
  • Updated help file:
    • Added incomplete topics for each of the main menus.
    • Added complete new topic for the compiler configuration dialogue box.
    • Fixed K-keyword errors and added extra keywords for dialogue boxes.
Release v0.4.0 Beta of 28 February 2005
  • Text search results are now highlighted when routines are displayed in the information pane.
Unreleased v0.3.4 Beta of 26 February 2005
  • Separated back end database code from Snippets object.
  • New back end code designed to make it easy to change the data provider in future versions. Current version accesses data in .ini and .dat files.
Unreleased v0.3.3 Beta of 25 February 2005
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Ctrl+F from activating Find Text dialogue box.
  • Realigned controls in bug report dialogue and fixed tab order problems.
  • Fixed email address validation error in bug report dialogue
Unreleased v0.3.2 Beta of 24 February 2005
  • Refactored code that provides compiler names and introduced global Compilers object.
Unreleased v0.3.1 Beta of 24 February 2005
  • Centralised code that displays message dialogues and standardised their appearance.
Unreleased v0.3.0 Beta of 23 February 2005
  • Updated welcome pages to provide more help on using CodeSnip.
  • Removed dialogues that appeared on start up when database was empty. Welcome page now provides this information along with an option to download database.
  • Improved handling of welcome page.
Unreleased v0.2.4 Beta of 23 February 2005
  • Refactored and simplified access to dialogue boxes.
  • Improved search code.
Unreleased v0.2.3 Beta of 23 February 2005
  • Created a class hierarchy for all frames that display HTML in a web browser control.
Unreleased v0.2.2 Beta of 22 February 2005
  • Localised various literal strings and moved some constant values to a common location.
Unreleased v0.2.1 Beta of 22 February 2005
  • Overhauled web browser external object extender that communicates browser events to application.
  • Added new notifier object that centralises handling of GUI user interaction.
Unreleased v0.2.0 Beta of 21 February 2005
  • Made minor changes to appearance of main display.
  • Refactored the HTML generation engine, added several HTML templates to resources and localised all strings used in generated HTML.
Unreleased v0.1.4 Beta of 19 February 2005
  • Refactored some code.
Unreleased v0.1.3 Beta of 18 February 2005
  • Removed redundant code.
Unreleased v0.1.2 Beta of 18 February 2005
  • Removed debug code.
Unreleased v0.1.1 Beta of 18 February 2005
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Release v0.1.0 Beta of 30 January 2005
  • Original beta version.