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CodeSnip Code Snippets Repository

Release: 4.15.1
Date: 22 September 2016
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Change Log

New CodeSnip Micro-site
CodeSnip now has its own micro-site (currently in beta) that will eventually replace this page.
Please check it out at http://codesnip.delphidabbler.com. Comments and bug reports are welcome.
This new site has a fresh new look and is responsive to different browser sizes.

CodeSnip's change log is split into 5 parts, one for each major release including the initial beta release.

Select the required release below.

Unreleased v2.4.1 of 13 May 2009
  • Refactored code that provides information about the program and web URLs and services it accesses.
  • Changed URL accessed by donations dialogue box.
Release v2.4 of 11 May 2009
  • Added donate menu option and dialogue that accesses a PayPal donation web page.
  • Removed support for the Windows 9x platform since CodeSnip now generates fatal errors on that platform:
    • Removed Windows 9x specific code.
    • Changed installer to prevent installation on Windows 9x.
  • Updated help file re changes.
Release v2.3.7 of 26 April 2009
  • Made user name and email address entered in Code Submission Wizard persistent on a per-user basis.
  • Updated Code Submission Wizard and Privacy Statement help topics re the changes.
Unreleased v2.3.6 of 26 January 2009
  • Changed method that is used to get locale information to be compatible with Vista as well as earlier OSs.
Release v2.3.5 of 25 January 2009
  • Changed method used to generate HTML displayed in main program window to avoid dynamic updating of documents in attempt to counter a reported JavaScript bug.
  • Refactored generation of HTML tags in all parts of program that use HTML in display.
  • Corrected method naming error.
Unreleased v2.3.4 of 16 January 2009
  • Copy Source Code menu item now places a copy of selected snippet on clipboard in syntax highlighted rich text in addition to plain text.
  • Updated help file accordingly.
Unreleased v2.3.3 of 14 January 2009
  • Browser controls and snippets tree-views are now selected when containing frame is entered.
  • Discrepancy in way highlighting works in snippets tree-views fixed.
  • "&" characters are now rendered correctly in TMessageBox dialogues.
  • Code that executes compilers now uses one thread instead of two.
  • Refactorings:
    • Some constants relocated.
    • Rationalised some routine and method calls.
    • Replaced some control character literals with constants.
    • Updated IntfUIHandlers unit with IE6/7 related constants.
Unreleased v2.3.2 of 10 January 2009
  • Revised compilers object. Singleton instance removed. Local instances of object are created where needed.
  • Added new method to compiler objects to detect errors and warnings
  • Fixed incorrect caption in compiler error dialogue.
  • Added new object that manages test compilations, compiler set-up and viewing compile errors. Used by main form and snippets editor.
  • Added "View Compile Errors" menu option to Database menu.
  • Added Alt+V hot key to view compile errors in Snippets editor.
  • Updated help file for database menu to add "View Compile Errors" and missing entries for Submission, import and export of user database.
Unreleased v2.3.1 of 06 January 2009
  • Fixed test compilation bug in snippets editor that could corrupt compiler errors or warnings displayed from main display.
  • Added support for tab switching in compiler errors dialogue box using Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab.
Release v2.3 of 05 January 2009
  • Changed name of Copy Snippet menu item to Copy Source Code.
  • Added new Copy Information menu item to Copy menu - copies all snippet information to clipboard in text and RTF.
  • Added Save Database button to toolbar.
  • Changed status bar to display a count of user defined routines and an indicator that shows when user database has been modified.
  • Refactored and extended clipboard management code.
  • Added new buttons to selection search dialogue box to select user defined or main database routines.
  • Added facility to test compile routines to user defined snippets editor dialogue box.
  • Modified compiler errors dialogue box to be able to display results of compilation with more than one compiler.
  • Updated help file re changes.
Release v2.2.5 of 31 December 2008
  • Replaced routine's credits and comments properties with new Extra information property that can store formatted text.
  • Added parser for mark-up language used by new Extra property.
  • Modified snippets edit dialogue box to use new Extra property.
  • Changed main database, user database and export file format to support new Extra property. User database and export files generated by this version can't be read by earlier versions of the program.
  • Modified and refactored print document generation code to use new Extra property.
  • Refactored some HTML generation code.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally causes a GPF when updating a user defined routine.
  • Removed redundant topic from help file.
Release v2.2.4 of 19 December 2008
  • Fixed bug in text and RTF preview dialogue boxes that was setting margins incorrectly and clipping displayed text.
Unreleased v2.2.3 of 17 December 2008
  • Refactored code that handles XML files (user database and import / export). Pulled out common code and further extended XML document object.
Unreleased v2.2.2 of 16 December 2008
  • Added glyphs to printers in print dialogue box.
  • Various refactorings of print and highlighting related code.
  • Printing now uses user-defined highlighters. Current highlighting is now previewed in print preferences.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Help button now displays in page set-up dialogue on Vista.
    • Page set-up dialogue now makes use of custom margin settings.
Unreleased v2.2.1 of 16 December 2008
  • Several refactorings:
    • Rationalised email validation code.
    • Rationalised exceptions raised when validating entry into dialogue box.
    • Rationalised code that momentarily pauses execution of a thread.
    • Made wide use of extended TRect structure.
    • Changed various loops to use enumerators.
    • Removed some unused code.
  • Fixed minor bug in open and save dialogues that occasionally failed to detect existence of a file.
Unreleased v2.2 of 15 December 2008
  • Added facility to submit user defined snippets via Internet for inclusion in main database.
  • Added facility to export user defined routines to file and to import exported files.
  • Made minor changes to wizard dialogue boxes.
  • Rewrote message dialogue box code.
  • Made minor changes to open and save dialogue boxes.
  • Updated help file for the new code import, export and submission features.
Release v2.1 of 11 October 2008
  • Added support for Delphi 2009 Win 32 personality.
  • Added a button to set all compiler results to success to snippets edit dialogue box.
  • Refactored some code.
  • Updated help file re Delphi 2009 support.
Unreleased v2.0.7 of 05 October 2008
  • Fixed residual bug in alt key bug work-around (CodeGear Quality Central bug report #374030). The bug was manifesting itself only for the first dialogue box displayed after the program started.
Unreleased v2.0.6 of 05 October 2008
  • Refactoring:
    • Added class methods to instantiate and use various classes that have only one public method to save caller having to create, execute and destroy object. Public constructors of these classes were changed to cause assertion failure if directly called.
    • Made static classes derive from new base class that causes assertion failure if constructor called.
    • Combined some action update handlers in main form.
    • Updated assertions and raising of EBug exceptions to programatically get name of class triggering error.
    • Made some class' protected and private sections strict.
Unreleased v2.0.5 of 03 October 2008
  • Refactoring: changed custom save source dialogue to descend from extended save dialogue box.
Release v2.0.4 of 21 September 2008
  • Improved speed of looking up routines in database.
  • Prevented any user defined routine from referencing itself.
  • User defined routines now always reference routines from user database in preference to main database when there is a name conflict.
Unreleased v2.0.3 of 20 September 2008
  • Fixed bug that caused an assertion failure when an attempt was made to display the Select Routines dialogue box when an empty category was present in database.
Unreleased v2.0.2 of 19 September 2008
  • Now gives option to save changed user defined database before updated main database.
  • When a routine is updated or deleted references to it in other routines are updated or removed.
  • Corrected reference in installer to menu item used to update database (this changed from v2).
Release v2.0.1 of 18 September 2008
  • Fixed bug that fails to load user database and deletes it if a category is added to main database during on-line update.
  • Fixed bug that ignores any user defined snippets that have same name as snippets in main database.
  • Ensured main form is disabled when database is loading.
  • Ensured splash form is hidden if an exception occurs while splash form is displayed.
Release v2.0 of 15 September 2008
Changes relate to v1.9.4
  • Added support for user defined snippets:
    • User database can be edited, saved, backed-up and restored.
    • User database can reference code in main database.
    • Names of user defined snippets are coloured blue to distinguish them from main database.
    • User database is stored as a mix of XML and source files in a sub-folder of the per-user application data folder.
    • Queries can now be refreshed when content of user database changes.
  • Modified extended external object that communicates between browser controls and application.
  • Main database engine heavily modified.
  • Greater use of DHTML to manipulate main display.
  • Made browser pop-up menu display glyphs for items menu items that replicate links in browser control.
  • Modified welcome page to appear differently depending on state of main and user defined databases.
  • Disclaimers, copyright and other headers of saved, printed and copied documents changed.
  • Commenting of exported code changed slightly to allow for user snippets that may not support all commenting styles.
  • Fixed status bar display bug.
  • Category headers in overview pane are now in bold.
  • Added enumerators to several list objects to support for..in construct.
  • Tweaked exception handling.
  • Added support for converting GIF resources into bitmaps for use in image lists.
  • Changed URL used to access program's home page.
  • Updated help file to reflect changes.
  • Added credits for use of Anders Melander's GIFImage unit to about box.