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Drop Files Components

Release: 5.0.5
Date: 11 January 2014
Delphi Compatibility:
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE4
Red LED Red LED Grey LED Grey LED Grey LED Grey LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED Green LED

Change Log

Release v5.0.5 of 11 January 2014
  • Fixed problem with compiler directives in component and demo source files that was causing compilation to fail on Delphi XE5.
Release v5.0.4 of 04 November 2013
  • Changed form used for TPJExtFileFilter.Extensions property editor:
    • Form is no longer scaled.
    • Form font changed to Arial 9pt.
  • Unit names in the component design source file and in all demo source files are now qualified with namespace on Delphi XE2 and later.
  • Updated demos:
    • Provided project files in different formats for different versions of Delphi, including dual 32 and 64 bit targets for Delphi XE2 and later.
    • Updated project resource file to include a manifest along with main icon.
    • Provided an icon file for each demo project.
    • Fixed a colour related bug in main window of DropFilesDemo.
  • Updated documentation including new read-me for demo projects.
Release v5.0.3 of 02 November 2013
  • Modified components to compile and function correctly with 64 bit Delphi compilers.
  • Unit names in the component source file are now qualified with namespace on Delphi XE2 and later.
  • Changes to demo projects:
    • Font changed to Arial 9pt
    • Appearance of some controls changed.
    • All form files now in text format.
    • Forms no longer scaled.
    • All demos now need Delphi 7 as a minimum.
  • License changes:
    • Component source license changed to Mozilla Public License v2.0
    • Demo source code placed in public domain (Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal).
  • MPL text file and documentation wiki short-cut have had names changed.
  • WinHelp help file regenerated with updated copyright date.
  • Documentation revised.
Release v5.0.2 of 14 January 2010
  • Enabled function inlining on Delphi 2005 and later.
  • Switched off some compilation warnings on Delphi 7 and later.
  • Simplified compiler directives.
  • Updated documentation including corrections to help file.
  • Included copy of MPL in release.
Release v5.0.1 of 19 October 2006
  • Fixed bug that was occasionally freezing IDE when closing a form containing a TPJSubClassedDropFiles descendant component.
Release v5.0 of 19 March 2006
  • Added new TPJCtrlDropFiles component that handles file drops for any assigned TWinControl descendant. TPJCtrlDropFiles descends from new TPJSubClassedDropFiles abstract component.
  • Revised TPJFormDropFiles to descend from TPJSubClassedDropFiles.
  • Exposed several new properties of TPJDropFiles: Anchors, Constraints, TabOrder, TabStop, Visible.
  • Changed pass through processing to find ultimate owning form rather than simply parent form. This allows pass through processing to work with frames.
  • Hidden controls are now ignored when searching for DropControl.
  • Fixed bug in TPJWildCardFileFilter that didn't respond to change in wild-card when files dragged from same folder.
  • Updated help file and a-link keyword file re new component and fixed some errors in help file.
  • Completely rewrote demo program that exercises all components and added second demo program to show how to use TPJCtrlDropFiles with frames.
Release v4.1.2 of 21 December 2005
  • Fixed bugs preventing component compilation with Delphi 3, 2005 and 2006.
  • Fixed bug preventing demo program compilation with Delphi 3.
  • Added new a-link keyword file for use with Delphi 6/7 OpenHelp.
Release v4.1.1 of 02 October 2004
  • Re-factored the component editor, TPJDropFilesCE. Now has a much simpler implementation.
Release v4.1 of 27 September 2004
  • Added new property editor for the TPJExtFileFilter.Extensions property that displays a dialogue that assists in building the extension string.
  • Added new component editor for TPJFormDropFiles and TPJDropFiles that creates an OnDropFiles event handler in the designer when the components are double clicked rather than the previous default OnBeforeDrop event handler.
  • Switched off the DelphiDabbler extended string property editor (if present) for TPJWildCardFileFilter's Wildcard property.
  • Added new design unit - PJDropFilesDsgn - to store property editor, component editor and component registration.
  • Removed component registration code from PJDropFiles unit to PJDropFilesDsgn unit.
  • Updated help file re new property editor.
Release v4.0 of 12 April 2004
  • Added ability to filter files dropped on the controls, either via the new OnFileFilter event or by using a linked file filter component.
  • Added abstract base class for new file filter components.
  • Added filter component that filters on file extensions.
  • Added filter component that filters file names on wild-cards.
  • Fixed a memory leak in TPJAbstractDropFilesHelper.Destroy.
  • Created component glyphs for new filter components.
  • Updated help file.
  • Updated demo program re new features.
Release v3.2 of 09 February 2004
  • Fixed bug in code that determines control under drop point - the parent of the actual control under the cursor was often being returned.
  • Corrected errors and typos in help file.
  • Changed to Mozilla public license.
  • Added demo program.
Release v3.1 of 29 July 2003
  • Prevented compiler warnings when compiling the component under Delphi 6 and 7.
  • Updated copyright information in help file.
Release v3.0 of 27 October 2002
  • Major update (backwards compatible with v2)
  • Added new Options property to determine how dropped files are handled. Options are:
    • to include or exclude folders from list
    • to include or exclude ordinary files from list
    • to add files and/or folders contained in dropped folders and their sub-folders.
  • Added new OnBeforeDrop event that is triggered before dropped files are processed.
  • Added new IsFolder array property that informs if a dropped file is a file or folder.
  • Fixed a bug in TPJFormDropFiles that was causing programs to halt on exceptions raised inside OnDropFiles event handlers.
  • Changed component palette name from "PJ Stuff" to "DelphiDabbler".
Release v2.0.1 of 13 May 2001
  • Fixed minor bug where strings holding names of dropped files had incorrect length set.
Release v2.0 of 29 April 2001
  • Completely rewrote TPJDropFiles component and added FileName, PassThrough and ForegroundOnDrop properties.
  • Added new TPJFormDropFiles component.
  • Changed OnDropFiles event type so it no longer provides drop coordinates: we now use DropPoint property instead.
  • Rewrote help file for OpenHelp compatibility.
  • Broke backwards compatibility with Delphi 1.
  • Changed unit name from DrpFiles to PJDropFiles.
Release v1.1.1a of 28 November 1999
  • Updated HTML documentation to include installation notes for Delphi 3/4 and update history.
Release v1.1.1 of 10 April 1999
  • Changed component palette from "Own" to "PJ Stuff".
  • Added HTML documentation.
Unreleased v1.1 of 22 October 1998
  • Changed 2nd parameter to DragQueryFile API call, when used to find number of files dropped, from $FFFF to Cardinal(-1) to make it portable across 16 and 32 bit platforms. This was needed to allow the component to compile under Delphi 2.
Unreleased v1.0 of 15 May 1998
  • Original version - 16 bit only.