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Please note that this website is due to close down on 15th June 2020.

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HTML Resource Compiler

Release: 1.2.1
Date: 20 February 2014
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Change Log

Release 1.2.1 of 20 February 2014
  • Fixed non-standard bullet characters in help screen.
  • Compiled against latest versions of PJResourceFile and PJVersionInfo library units.
  • Installer now requires Windows 2000 or later to run.
  • Minor correction to EULA.
  • Updated documentation.
Release v1.2.0 of 23 August 2008
  • Added new -u command that enables resources to be inserted and updated in pre-existing resource files.
  • Replaced command line installer with a Windows GUI installer built with Inno Setup.
Release v1.1.0 of 29 May 2006
  • Added new -r command that enables file names to be relative to directory containing manifest instead of program execution directory.
  • Changed message displayed when program starts.
  • Changed to new open source EULA for executable code (source still available under MPL).
Release v1.0.1 of 18 September 2004
  • Rebuilt using PJResFile resource file library unit rather than custom resource file handling code.
  • Updated documentation, including new PAD file.
Release v1.0.0 of 26 June 2004
  • Original version including demo code and documentation, licensed under Mozilla Public License v1.1.