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PasHi Pascal Highlighter

Release: 2.0.0
Date: 22 September 2016
O/S: All Windows versions

Change Log

Release 2.0.0 - 22 September 2016
This is a major release. Changes from v1.1.0 include the changes below along with all changes from releases 2.0 beta 1 and beta 2.
PasHi v2.0.0 build 11
  • Help screen text corrected and clarified.
  • Manifested program as being compatible with Windows Vista through to Windows 10 and updated program version number in manifest.
PasHiGUI v1.0.0 build 5
  • Main window size and position now persists between runs.
  • Hints are now displayed in main window.
  • Help menu option to display online help replaced with option to display user guide that is installed with the program.
  • Updates to About box:
    • Program version number and copyright details are now extracted from program resources instead of being hard coded.
    • The name of the license file was updated.
  • Fixed potential bug in synchronising visibility of Options Bar with state of Show/Hide Options Bar menu option and toolbar button.
  • Manifested program as being compatible with Windows Vista through to Windows 10.
General changes
  • Standardised format of version information for PasHi and PasHiGUI.
  • Programs now compiled with Delphi XE instead of Delphi.
  • Major overhaul of documentation including:
    • Former read-me HTML file was split into two documents: an HTML user guide named UserGuide.html that is installed with the programs and a read-me text file that is included with the installer in the program download.
    • All license information was consolidated in a new LICENSE file that is installed with the programs. This replaces License.txt and SourceCodeLicenses.txt.
    • Minor modification were made to license summary displayed by installer.
    • Many documents were updated re changes in v2 and were corrected and/or clarified.
  • Corrections were made to config file templates and some of the optionally installed CSS files. Some comments were also clarified.
  • Some code refactored and commenting standardised.
Release 2.0 beta 2 - 12 August 2014
PasHi v1.99.2 build 10 (aka v2.0.0 beta 2)
  • Changed some parameters to --encoding command.
  • Fixed bug where blank source code lines were not being displayed by browsers.
  • Sign-on message now shows this is a v2.0.0 beta version.
PasHiGUI v0.99.2 build 4 (aka v1.0.0 beta 2)
  • Removed descriptive text that was shown in main display when code fragments were displayed.
  • --default-css option is no longer hard wired: now user configured or taken from gui-config file.
  • Changed name of Help menu item that accesses online documentation.
  • Changed main icon to be same as PasHi.
  • Changed program title and caption to "PasHi GUI".
  • Main window now animates correctly when minimized to task bar.
  • Adjusted size of, and arrangement of controls on, option frame.
  • About box now shows this is a v1.0.0 beta version.
  • Some refactoring.
General changes
  • Updated documentation.
  • Some code refactoring and removed some redundant code.
  • Some tweaks to default CSS files to fix problem displaying colours on Blogger.com.
  • New simplified EULA: installer now displays a summary instead of the full license.
Release 2.0 beta 1 - 11 April 2011
PasHi v1.99.1 build 9 (aka v2.0.0 beta 1)
  • Improved Pascal syntax highlighter:
    • Now understands Delphi 2010 keywords and directives.
    • Support added for some context sensitive directives.
    • Reserved words prefixed with '&' now treated as identifiers.
  • New input handling:
    • Source files may now be in UTF-16 (LE and BE), UTF-8 or default ANSI. Unicode formats are detected using byte order mark.
    • Input source can now be read directly from files passed on command line in addition to standard input and clipboard.
    • Where more than one input file is specified, files are concatenated before highlighting, separated by user specified number of blank lines.
    • Input source code can optionally have leading and trailing blank lines removed.
  • Changes to generated XHTML files:
    • Output can now be in HTML 4 or HTML 5 in addition to XHTML and HTML fragments.
    • HTML file encoding is now user configurable and defaults to UTF-8. Byte order marks and HTML character set attributes are used as necessary.
    • User can specify language attribute of HTML output.
    • Source code can now be preceded by line numbers.
    • Alternate source code lines can now be styled differently.
    • Custom style sheets can now be used. They can be either embedded or external.
    • CSS class names changed but user can specify that old style names are used for compatibility with existing CSS code.
    • Document title can be changed.
    • "Branding" (comments or meta tags declaring PasHi as generator) can be inhibited.
    • Output file name can now be specified on command line as an alternative to using shell redirection.
    • HTML mark-up changed and requires some additional CSS classes to be defined.
  • Program now has full Unicode support.
  • Support for a config file added to allow program defaults to be configured.
  • Heavily revised command line options:
    • Many new commands to control new options.
    • Some new commands to reinstate program defaults that may have been overridden by config file.
    • All commands now have a long form beginning with double dashes. Some commands also have a short form comprising a single dash and a single letter.
    • Commands from earlier program versions retained but made into aliases to relevant new commands.
  • Help screen completely re-written.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Exceptions are no longer raised on checking clipboard when another program has it open.
    • Parser no longer crashes when unexpected characters are encountered in source code.
  • Significant refactoring of source code.
PasHiGUI v0.99.1 build 3 (aka v1.0.0 beta 1)
  • Now requires PasHi v2 beta or later.
  • Now Unicode compatible.
  • UI changes:
    • "Source Code" tab removed from display: input source code is no longer displayed.
    • Options to be passed to PasHi can now be set in new "Options Side Bar" displayed at the right of the main window. The side bar can be shown or hidden as required.
    • "Fragments" tool button removed: this option is now set in Options side bar.
    • Status bar removed: hints and document type are no longer displayed.
    • A new styling is used to display HTML code fragments.
    • Menus and toolbar revised to reflect program changes.
    • Main window now constrained to a minimum size.
  • Multiple file names can now be passed to PasHi via file open dialog box or by dragging and dropping from Explorer.
  • Input files are now passed directly to the PasHi command line rather than being opened and sent to PasHi via a pipe. (Text from clipboard or drag/drop is still piped to PasHi).
  • Interaction with PasHi changed to permit user defined options to be passed on command line.
  • Options entered in Options Side Bar are persisted in PasHiGUI's own config file.
  • Errors returned from PasHi are now reported to user.
  • Online documentation can now be accessed from Help menu.
  • Some refactoring.
General changes
  • Recompiled PasHi and PasHiGUI with Delphi 2010.
  • Re-licensed source code: changed from Mozilla Public License v1.1 to v2.0.
  • New sample CSS style sheets and config template files.
  • New installer program that installs PasHi and its support files and provides options to:
    • Install PasHiGUI.
    • Install sample CSS and config templates files.
    • Add PasHi's install directory to the all-user system path.
  • Updated and expanded documentation.
Release 1.1.0 - 15 February 2010
PasHi v1.0.1 build 8
  • Renamed PasH to PasHi to avoid clash with another open source project name PasH.
  • Rebuilt with Delphi 2006 instead of Delphi 7. Brings into line with PasHiGUI.
  • Updated documentation and merged in PasHiGUI docs.
PasHiGUI v0.1.1 Beta build 2
  • Added PasHiGUI (renamed from PasHGUI) to release. No longer to be released separately.
  • Merged documentation with PasHi
PasH Release 1.0 - 31 May 2009
Build 7
  • Added new -hidecss switch to hide contents of <style> tag in HTML comments. Default is now not to hide contents.
  • Replaced on-the-fly generation of embedded style sheets for XHTML documents with a default style sheet read from resources.
  • Updated to use Delphi 2006 keyword and directives list instead of those from Delphi 7.
  • Replaced generic DelphiDabbler icon with custom PasH icon set.
  • Added Vista manifest.
  • Removed unnecessary compiler directives in units, i.e. those that replicate directives in project file.
  • Made localisable string literals into resource strings.
  • Fixed potential future bug in clipboard handling code.
PasH Release 0.1.5 Beta - 10 March 2007
Build 6
  • Heavily refactored main program and parameter handling code.
  • Invalid command line parameters now halt program with error message.
  • Cosmetic changes to help display.
  • Added new batch file to build program.
  • Changed to new end user license agreement for the executable program. The program remains open source.
PasHGUI Release 0.1.0 Beta - 17 June 2006
Build 1
  • Original beta release of PasHGUI as stand-alone program. Merged into main PasHi release at release 1.1.0.
PasH Release 0.1.4 Beta - 17 April 2006
Build 5
  • Corrected title tag written to XHTML documents. Previously referred to CodeSnip Database, now refers to PasH.
PasH Release 0.1.3 Beta - 9 December 2005
Build 4
  • Fixed bug that was causing program to crash when standard error output was redirected to a pipe when under control of an external program.
PasH Release 0.1.2 Beta - 3 November 2005
Build 3
  • Program now traps exceptions and displays error message before terminating rather than exceptions crashing program.
  • Documentation updated and changed to HTML from plain text.
  • Moved program from alpha to beta release status.
PasH Release 0.1.1 Alpha - 4 June 2005
Build 2
  • Made multi-line comments generate correctly formatted HTML when processed by syntax highlighter.
  • Corrected minor typo in help screen.
PasH Release 0.1.0 Alpha - 28 May 2005
Build 1
  • Original alpha version.