PasHi Pascal Highlighter

Release: 2.0.0
Date: 22 September 2016
O/S: All Windows versions


You can get the latest version of PasHi here.

Executable program

Download current version v2.0.0 from Github as

Executable code for each release since v1.1.0 is available from the GitHub releases page.

Source Code

Download the source code for version v2.0.0 from Github as

PasHi's source code is maintained in the delphidabbler/pashi Git repository on GitHub.

Source code of each release from v1.0.0 onwards is available from the GitHub releases page. Choose the release you want from those listed and download an archive containing the required source code. Alternatively you can select a release tag or a branch and fork the repo.

Notes on how to compile PasHi from source code can be found in the file Build.html in the root of the repository in either the master branch or the tag relating to the release you are interested in.

Note: v1.0.0 does not have Build.html. See ReadMe-Src.txt in the Docs sub-directory.