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Stream Extension Classes

Release: 3.1.2
Date: 12 January 2014
Delphi Compatibility:
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE4
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Change Log

Release v3.1.2 of 12 January 2014
  • Fixed problems with compiler directives in project, demo and some test source files that were causing compilation to fail on Delphi XE5.
  • Made change to test units and to VCL demo programs to enable method inlining to work correctly with Delphi XE3 and later.
  • Fixed bug in IStreamWrapDemoFMX demo program where program failed to compile on Delphi XE4 because several of the form's controls could not be found.
  • Minor documentation tweaks and corrections.
  • Licensed change log under Mozilla Public License v2.0.
Release v3.1.1 of 28 January 2013
  • Unit names references in project source files are now qualified with namespace name on Delphi XE2 and later.
  • Changes to demo projects:
    • Default form font changed to Arial.
    • Forms are no longer scaled.
    • Fixed error in IStreamWrap demo where Unicode text was not been read correctly from memory streams.
    • Project group files removed.
    • New FireMonkey 2 demo project that demonstrates PJIStreams unit.
  • Project source license changed to Mozilla Public License v2.0. (Demos and test project now placed in public domain).
  • MPL text file and documentation wiki short-cut have had names changed.
  • Updated documentation.
Release v3.1 of 08 October 2011
  • Added overloads for 64 bit integer parameters to TStream descendant SetSize and Seek methods.
  • Implemented proper support to IStream implementations for large (64 bit) integer data sizes, seeks and copies.
  • Changed visibility of all IStream implementation methods from protected to public.
  • Implemented work around for error in seeking from end of wrapped TStringStream objects. This is caused by a bug in non-Unicode TStringStream's implementation of Seek.
  • Reinstated DUnit tests. They were revised, extended and corrected and made compatible with Unicode Delphis.
  • Demo projects now explicitly import project units so that they will work when the required units are not installed.
  • New project and project group files for later versions of Delphi added to demo and unit test projects.
  • Documented units using XMLDoc comments.
  • Updated documentation.
Release v3.0 of 07 October 2009
  • Removed deprecated PJResWriterStreams unit from project.
  • Removed demo programs for classes in PJResWriterStreams unit.
  • Switched off "unsafe" compiler warnings.
  • Updated demo code to compile with Delphi 2010.
  • Deleted user guide from project: superseded by project's online Wiki.
  • Removed DUnit tests.
  • Changed to Mozilla Public License.
  • Updated documentation.
Release v2.0.1 of 23 November 2003
  • Made changes in PJIStreams unit:
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    • Added simplified method for getting stream name.
    • Modified use of task allocator.
Release v2.0 of 30 September 2001
  • Added new unit providing classes that implement the IStream interface.
  • Renamed earlier units and classes in keeping with my library naming conventions.
  • Added some demo programs to the release.
Release v1.0 of 02 July 2000
  • Original version - stream wrapper base class and resource file encapsulation classes only.