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Version Information Component

Release: 3.3.2
Date: 11 January 2014
Delphi Compatibility:
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D2005 D2006 D2007 D2009 D2010 DXE DXE2 DXE3 DXE4
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Change Log

Release v3.3.2 of 11 January 2014
  • Fixed problem with compiler directives in component and demo source files that was causing compilation to fail on Delphi XE5.
  • Fixed demo 1 to remove warning when compiled with Delphi XE3 and later.
  • Minor documentation tweaks and corrections.
Release v3.3.1 of 14 January 2013
  • Unit names are now qualified with namespace name on Delphi XE2 and later.
  • Changes to demo projects:
    • Font and appearance of some controls changed.
    • Controls are now themed.
    • All form files now in text format.
    • Forms are no longer scaled.
    • 1st demo program's main window now resizes.
    • 2nd demo dialogues' "help" button now display online examples instead of help file topics.
    • Demos now need Delphi 7 as a minimum.
    • New project configurations files.
  • Component source license changed to Mozilla Public License v2.0. (Demos now placed in public domain).
  • MPL text file and documentation wiki short-cut have had names changed.
  • WinHelp help file regenerated with updated copyright date.
  • Documentation revised.
Release v3.3 of 03 November 2010
  • Added operator overloads to TPJVersionNumber record when compiled with Delphi 2006 and later to:
    • Support equality tests using =, <>, <, <=, > and >= operators.
    • Support implicit casting to a string which formats the version number as a dotted quad (issue #12: http://code.google.com/p/ddab-lib/issues/detail?id=12).
  • Added new helper functions primarily for use with Delphi 2005 and earlier:
    • CompareVerNums - compares two version number records.
    • VerNumToStr - formats a version number as a dotted quad.
  • Updated TPJVersionNumber topic in help file re changes.
  • Updated HTML documentation.
Release v3.2 of 09 November 2009
  • Changed method used to get character set descriptions. These are now obtained from operating system where possible instead of from hard-wired values.
  • Added compiler directive to switch off unsafe code warnings on compilers that support the directive.
  • Added copy of Mozilla Public License.
  • Corrected error in help file.
  • Modified Demo 2 to enable it to compile on Delphi 2 and 3.
  • Updated documentation and included short-cut file that links to component Wiki.
Release v3.1.1 of 11 December 2005
  • Changed component to Mozilla public license.
  • Fixed minor bug in VIDemo project.
  • Revised HelpEgs demo project to access related help file topics.
  • Updated help file to make examples available from component's main page.
  • Updated HTML documentation.
Release v3.1 of 07 September 2003
  • Fixed to be compatible with C++ Builder - direct access to fields of TVSFixedFileInfo in property declarations were replaced by calls to an indexed property getter function.
Release v3.0.1 of 08 July 2003
  • Changed component palette from PJSoft to DelphiDabbler.
  • Updated HTML documentation.
  • Changed copyright message in help file.
Release v3.0 of 17 February 2002
  • Added ability to access all "translations" stored in a file's version information, rather than just first one. This has been done so that code using earlier versions of this component should continue to work unchanged.
  • Added new property to expose fixed file information record.
  • Added new "string array" property to give access to string information by name: this property can access any custom string information if the name is known.
  • Added properties to return number of "translations" and to select index of "translation" to be used.
  • Added properties to return language and character set codes in addition to descriptive strings.
  • All string info, language and character set properties now return values from the currently selected translation (which defaults to the first translation maintaining backward compatibility).
  • Empty FileName property now accesses name of host application per command line rather than using Application.ExeName.
  • CharSet property now returns '' for unknown value rather than 'Unknown'.
  • Renamed TVersionNumber record to TPJVersionNumber.
  • Replaced Tvs_FixedFileInfo record with use of Windows unit defined type TVSFixedFileInfo.
  • Renamed unit to PJVersionInfo.
  • Changed component palette from "PJ Stuff" to "PJSoft".
  • Added two demo programs, one is a sample version information reading program and the other implements examples from the help file.
Release v2.1 of 28 November 1999
  • Changed unit name from VerInfo to VInfo to allow component to install under Delphi 3 & 4 (VerInfo clashes with an existing unit in these versions).
  • Removed superfluous conditional compilation directives.
  • Updated HTML documentation to separate 16 bit from 32 bit version, to to include installation notes for Delphi 3/4 and to include update history.
Release v2.0.1 of 08 July 1999
  • Changed palette where component installs to "PJ Stuff" from "Own".
  • Added HTML documentation (shared documentation with Release 1.0.1).
  • Included 16 bit Version Information Component release v1.0.1
Unreleased v2.0 of 06 December 1998
  • Forked development - 32 bit development (this fork) began with v2.0 while the 16 bit version continued with v1.0.1
  • Revised for use with Win32 - not backwards compatible with v1.0
Unreleased v1.0 of 26 April 1998
  • Original version - 16 bit only.