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Version Information Editor

Release: 2.13.1
Date: 14 October 2014
O/S: Windows XP and later

Installation and Removal

Install / Uninstall privileges
When installing or uninstalling you need to ensure that you have administrator privileges otherwise the installation can fail.
On Windows Vista and later with UAC prompts enabled, the system will attempt to elevate the process. Standard users will need to provide an administrator password.
Other users will need to run the setup and uninstall programs from an administrator user acccount or "as administrator".


Before you start

Version Information Editor requires Windows XP as a minimum.

If you already have Version Information Editor v2.11.2 or earlier installed you must remove it by running its uninstaller with administrator privileges before continuing.

Run the installer

Version Information Editor is distributed in a zip archive which contains two files:

  1. ReadMe.txt - the program's read-me file.
  2. VIEd-Setup-x.x.x.exe, where x.x.x. is the program's version number. This is the setup program.

Extract both files from the archive.

You may wish to read ReadMe.txt before proceeding. It contains detailed install instructions and may contain important information relating to the current release that may not appear in other documentation.

Now run the setup program. This is a standard wizard style Windows install program that guides you through the installation process.

You must accept the program's license to proceed. Once the license is accepted you can configure the installation directory and the program group name.

When the installation has completed you have the option to display ReadMe.txt and / or to start Version Information Editor.


There are three ways to start the uninstaller:

  1. Use the Windows Control Panel's Add / Remove Programs (a.k.a. Programs and Features) applet.
  2. Go to the Version Information Editor program group in the Start menu and choose Uninstall Version Information Editor.
  3. Navigate to the folder where Version Information Editor was installed, move into the Uninstall sub-folder and run unins000.exe.

The uninstaller will prompt for permission to proceed and then remove the program.