Notice Of Closure

Please note that this website is due to close down on 15th June 2020.

In the interim I will try to move as much content as possible over to my GitHub account. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site over the years.

Version Information Editor

Release: 2.13.1
Date: 14 October 2014
O/S: Windows XP and later

End User License Agreement

DelphiDabbler Version Information Editor is copyright © 1998-2014 by Peter D Johnson,

The executable version of the program is made available under the terms of the This means you can use, copy and distribute Version Information Editor as you wish.

You may also modify Version Information Editor as you wish and you may distribute copies of your modified version under the terms of the Mozilla Public License. The only exception is that you may not use the program's branding (including the name "DelphiDabbler" and the program's icon), in any modification you distribute, unless you have the explicit permission of the copyright holder.