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Version Information Editor

Release: 2.13.1
Date: 14 October 2014
O/S: Windows XP and later



Version Information Editor enables version information to be edited. It also creates version information resource source (.rc) files. The program stores details of the version information in its own project (.vi) files. Simple macros can be used to help automate the updating of version information files.

The program can also create binary resource (.res) files containing version information. To do this it needs to use a 3rd party resource compiler such as Borland's BRCC32.

From version 2.11 the program supports a command line switch – -makerc – that silently creates a .rc file from a native .vi file passed on the command line. The program simply creates the .rc file and exits, without displaying a window. This option has been made available to enable Version Information Editor to be used in automated build processes.

Viewing Version Information

If you need to extract version information from an existing program without editing it you need the DelphiDabbler Version Information Spy. This program can extract and display version information from executable programs or binary resource files. It can also decompile binary version information into resource source code.


You can report bugs or suggest new features using the Version Information Editor issue tracker on GitHub.

Please review existing bug reports and feature requests before creating a new issue. If an issue already exists you may be able to help by adding a further comment.

Do not try to use the old issue tracker on GoogleCode. Its content has been moved to GitHub and it is no longer monitored.