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Version Information Spy

Release: 7.2.0
Date: 02 August 2011
O/S: Windows 2000 and later

Change Log

Release 7.2.0 of 02 August 2011
  • Added Unicode support:
    • Reports now generated in Unicode. Interfaces supported by reporter DLL changed re this Unicode support.
    • Communication between GUI app instances changed to support passing of Unicode command line information. Communication with none Unicode version of GUI app will now fail.
    • Install program now Unicode compatible.
  • Completely rewrote help system:
    • Changed from WinHelp to HTML Help (fixes issue #2).
    • Single help file now shared between GUI app and shell extension property sheet.
    • Property sheet now displays a single help topic on pressing F1 - popup help for each control removed.
  • Modified to compile cleanly with Delphi 2010 compiler.
  • Alt key bug (issue #4) and FlipUI bug (issue #1) fixed as a side effect of switch to Delphi 2010 compiler.
  • Program now requires Windows 2000 as the minimum operating system and will no longer run on the Windows 9x platform.
  • Updated documentation.
Release v7.1.0 of 21 November 2009
  • Added new XML report of version information to both GUI application (Reports menu) and command line application (-x switch). Report provided by updated FVReport.dll.
  • Fixed bug (issue #5) in GUI app's method of displaying reports: was not displaying required heading.
  • Updated help file
  • Updated documentation and removed PAD file from release.
  • Changed calls into DelphiDabbler System Information Library to avoid using deprecated routines.
Release v7.0.3 of 28 August 2007
  • Restructured source tree.
  • Performed various refactorings.
  • Fixed bugs in Windows application:
    • Fixed error in main window caption.
    • Fixed display problems in advanced tab of explorer extension dialog box.
  • Moved to new EULA and updated version information in each executable accordingly.
  • Updated help file re new EULA and updated help copyright dates.
  • Improved code that checks if shell extension server is registered.
  • Changed installer to:
    • Include product version number in setup program name.
    • Use internal scripting to display custom messages.
    • Changed to install VIBinData.dll to application folder instead of as shared DLL in Common Files.
  • Added batch files used to build sub projects.
Release v7.0.2 of 23 November 2005
  • Fixed minor bug where, on Windows 9x, context menu handler does not display Explorer status bar hints correctly.
Release v7.0.1 of 07 March 2005
  • Revised dialogs that display HTML to:
    • Hide 3D borders.
    • Inhibit display of context menus.
    • Load HTML internally rather than from temporary file.
Release v7.0 of 20 October 2004
  • Major new release.
  • New Explorer property sheet extension that adds a tab to a file's property sheet that displays extended version information.
  • Explorer context menu handler updated to support Unicode hints. The Version Information menu option is disabled when the selected file has no version information.
  • Main program's explorer extension options dialog rewritten to support both shell extensions. Also allows new file types to be added.
  • Improved support for auto-registering new file types with shell extensions.
  • Improved dynamic loading of DLLs.
  • Extended integrity checking for translations / string tables.
  • New HTML reports explain inconsistencies between translations and string tables.
  • Detailed HTML report redesigned and contains more information. These dialogs are now displayed in integrated web browser controls.
  • Source code generation now includes option to correct inconsistencies.
  • Added code to DLL that reads version information to check whether a file contains version information.
  • Made several user interface changes:
    • New Display Option tabbed dialog to configure display.
    • Problem translations are now highlighted and optionally explained.
    • String information with non-standard names can now be highlighted.
    • Full text of lines truncated in the display can be displayed in pop-up windows.
    • XP Themes now supported.
  • Removed dependency on external DLL for web access.
  • All user interaction centralised in action lists.
  • Various source code refactorings implemented.
  • Minor bug in the format of error strings fixed in VIBinData.dll.
  • Revised help files.
  • Installer now created using InnoSetup.
Release v6.1.3 of 10 September 2003
  • Added additional checks in FVFileReader.dll for valid DOS files and added support for detecting virtual device drivers.
Release v6.1.2 of 17 August 2003
  • Updated VIBinData.dll to fix problem in displaying string table information from some programs (e.g. Wise installer) which have string values padded by characters and data length is not is standard format.
  • Fixed problem with HTML reports in FileVer.exe that was causing old versions of reports to be displayed in place of new versions.
Unreleased v6.1.1 of 14 August 2003
  • Fixed access violation bug when loading a version information resource that contains no translations.
  • Fixed table display error in HTML reports.
  • Fixed access violation problem in VIBinData.dll and ensured correct name given to root version info nodes (neither fix affects operation of Version Information Spy).
Release v6.1 of 31 May 2003
  • Fixed problem in VIBinData.dll that was preventing string information being read from some executable files on NT platforms.
  • Changed method used to identify error or non-standard translations in GUI application.
  • GUI application now displays number of translations and number of selected translation.
Release v6.0 of 24 February 2003
  • New major release.
  • Added support for reading version information from binary resource files.
  • Added facility to display various reports (text, HTML and RC source) about the currently loaded file's version information. Uses new FVReport.dll
  • Added ability to automatically register the context menu handler for the types of files successfully opened by the program.
  • Now access delphiDabbler website rather than PJSoft website.
  • Changed to use object in FVFileReader.dll to read data rather than compiled-in code.
  • Added new COM server object that manages registered and recorded extensions that context menu handler works with.
  • Changes method of reporting errors in context menu handler.
  • Added new command line program that reports version information data to standard output.
Release v5.0 of 04 August 2002
  • New major release.
  • Engine used to read version info from files completely rewritten and now uses VIBinData.dll to perform the reading.
  • Can now read version info from files that are not internally consistent - here there is an internal integrity problem within version information this is now flagged in display.
  • All string information stored in version info is now displayed rather just the predefined strings, and the string information can now be sorted on the string name.
  • Added display of Creation date from fixed file fixed file information and provided option to the fixed file info structure information.
  • Rearranged menus
  • Added a context menu handler (in FileVerCM.dll) that can interface with Explorer to display a "Version Information" menu option to the context menu that appears when executable files are right-clicked in Explorer. Such version info can be displayed in either single or multiple instances of the program.
  • Updated help file re new features and a "What's new" topic added.
  • Program's own version information now sepcified in a .vi file.
Release v4.0 of 30 March 2002
  • Complete rewrite to support version information resources that contain one or more translations.
  • Implemented a new user interface.
  • More informative descriptions of fixed file information flags and codes now provided.
  • Provided menu in addition to toolbar.
  • Added user customisation of whether toolbar is displayed and how some fixed file information is displayed.
  • Rewrote help file to describe new facilities and user interface and added a contents dialog box.
  • Added access to PJSoft website from program's menu
Release v3.0 of 04 December 1999
  • Moved to 32 bit code.
  • Gave program a new interface.
  • Greatly simplified code.
  • Rewrote help file for new interface. Help file now has hyperlinks to author's website and e-mail.
  • Removed context sensitive help from browse dialogue box.
  • Window now remembers position and size between executions using registry.
  • User can no longer determine whether or not window size is saved.
  • Added HTML and other documentation.
  • Included source code in distribution.
  • Created installation program using InstallShield Express.
  • Moved to Delphi 4 compiler.
  • Removed context sensitive help from browse dialog box.
Release v2.1 of 27 August 1998
  • Made program's window become active after file had been dropped on it - previously File Manager had remained active.
Unreleased v2.0 of 07 July 1998
  • Total rewrite.
  • Gave new look and feel common to all my "spy" programs.
  • Shared some code with other "spy" programs.
  • Added Windows help to program.
  • Made window resizeable.
  • Made system menu available again.
  • Made About Box accessible from system menu rather than button.
  • Changed icon.
  • Added facility to optionally remember window size and position.
  • Removed bug that caused spurious blank line to appear at bottom of display.
Unreleased v1.3 of 15 May 1998
  • Added facility to browse for file rather than having to type in path and name.
Unreleased v1.2 of 15 May 1998
  • Replaced dedicated drag/drop handling with TPJDropFiles component.
  • Removed system menu from window.
Unreleased v1.1 of 03 May 1998
  • Added ability to drag and drop files from Windows File Manager.
  • Automatically refresh display when a new file name is entered (removed Refresh button).
Unreleased v1.0 of 16 February 1998
  • Original version (16 bit).
  • Compiled with Delphi 1.